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Beauty Capsule: Everyday, Classic + Refined

Can you believe we are at the end of September already? HOW!?

It was hard to see the footage coming from the gulf coast of Florida as Hurricane Ian hit. I truly hope that you are okay if you were in its path. We’re expected to get lots of rain this weekend as a result of Ian, but I imagine it will be relatively mild by the time it gets here.

Raleigh has dealt with major destruction from a hurricane before, but not since I’ve lived here. Typically they lose intensity as they travel inland.

Either way, hurricane season is scary and I will be thankful when it’s over.

One of the most fun things I had an opportunity to do this week was go on a double date with Amanda and Jim to Colletta at Fenton. It’s a new Italian restaurant and it is incredible. I haven’t stopped thinking about the burrata appetizer we ordered. I cannot wait to go back, and I’m especially excited to take my sister there!

This week I shared another beauty + style capsule here on the blog, and also shared a trick to use when wearing a blazer on Instagram Reels.

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed:

The Shani Darden Spa – such an unbelievable experience.

Candace Read and Wardrobe Therapy

Wander Beauty Eye Masks

Dress I wore to my event in LA

Silk Shirt

Fall Launch for Miranda Frye Jewelry – pretty jewels!

Colletta at Fenton – an outstanding Italian restaurant!

Grey Eye Shadow Liner in #12

Patrick Ta Foundation

Sirena Rib Tank from Z-Supply

Amazon Blazer

Black Blouse from J.Crew Factory – nice, work-friendly blouse.

Casual dress from Z-Supply

Cozy Fleece from Amazon – the coziest!

This week’s discount codes:

Spanx: Use code KateXSpanx for 10% off plus free shipping!

Ongoing promo codes:

amika: Use code SMALLTHINGS10 for 10% off your purchase

Bagging Rights: KATE10 gives you 10% off any items at

ABLE: KATE15 will get you 15% off

Rifle Paper Co.: Code KATE will get you 20% off your purchase at Rifle Paper Co. now through Sept. 30.

Miranda Frye: “Smallthings10” will get you 10% off and free shipping!

Brooklinen – Promo code smallthings for $20 off orders over $100. Good until the end of October.


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Theresa says · 09.30.22

Could you please do a review of Jones Road Beauty?What recommendations do have faces that oily throughout the day?

Kate says · 10.03.22

I have tried it and it’s not for me!

Nancy says · 10.04.22

If you visit her IG page, in one of her bubbles she has a Jones Rd Beauty review where she reviews blush and a few other items. She does say on its more for dry skin as the products are tacky and even mentioned her hair was sticking to her face. It’s a pretty thorough review.

Alba says · 10.03.22

If it wasn’t for you, you could still put together a review. An honest review with details of what about it didn’t work for you and the type of skin it might work better for, could be useful. Or ask one of your staff or friends to try it out. I find your content to be very exactly like you centric, with no offerings for people of different body types, skin types, hair types, etc. Much content could be, as you say, created, around being more varied and inclusive.

Silvia says · 10.05.22

Oh good Lord, then don’t follow her. There’s thousands of influencers out there…it’s not that hard. I look nothing like Kate, but I still enjoy her content. I take what works for me and forget the rest. She doesn’t have to do anything different from what she’s already doing.

Elvia says · 10.05.22

I have yet to find ANYONE online that covers every single persons trouble areas. And then if she did attempt to speak about let’s say oily skin when she has dry skin, people would be all over her because “what does she know about oily skin?”. If you don’t like her content or how she reviews items, go find someone that meets your expectations. I’ve seen SO many others review this make up, you can find more information on it. Kate is not your know it all go-to for everything. She goes with her expertise, see your way out of you don’t like it.