Casual White Kicks

Fall Staples from Madewell that I’m Loving

There have been a couple instances this summer where I’ve discussed the challenges with wearing sneakers with a dress. It’s a look I really love on other people, but not something I feel comfortable pulling off myself.

There is a certain type of dress that always works well with a sneaker, and other styles can sometimes work or sometimes feel too disconnected to me.

One of my favorite dress styles to wear with a sneaker is a midi or maxi dress that is casual and effortless.

See Amy Jackson of Fashion Jackson wearing it below.

An example of a way that I, personally, don’t like styling a dress and sneakers is in the photo at the top of this article.

So, while I still feel like I’m figuring out the right balance of a dress with sneakers, the good news is cooler weather is coming soon and I love a sneaker with a pair of denim!

Does anyone need 4 pairs of similar sneakers? Of course not, but I have to put my foot in them and wear them a bit before I can recommend them to you in good conscience, so let’s get into it.

If you’re looking for an ultra classic, no fuss, no frills pair of sneakers, these white leather ones from Everlane are it. They fit true to size, are a low profile, and go with *anything*!

If you dress a bit more preppy + feminine, the gold hardware and light taupe color of these keds may be right up your alley.

If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired nod to a more athletic trainer, this pair from Target are not only a steal but also a perfectly neutral athletic-ish option.

And lastly, if you like a more relaxed, perhaps slightly “lived in” sneaker that isn’t as crisp as, say, the Everlane option I showed you first, you may like this perforated pair from Dolce Vita.

When it comes to socks, I typically wear a thin, nylon liner that only goes around the bottom of my foot. You can shop for those here, and this style looks like it’s good if the liner socks tend to slide off your toes! I don’t like seeing any kind of sock at the ankle when I’m wearing a sneaker with my outfit. The only time I wear regular socks is with athletic shoes if I’m wearing an athleisure style outfit.

Do you wear sneakers with dresses? Again, I love the look, I think it’s really cool, I’m just still fighting my inner “dress up when you’re wearing a dress” girl to nail down the look for myself!


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TGG says · 08.18.22

Girl- just do it, you look just fine. White sneakers and casual dresses are EVERYTHING!

Kelsey Farley says · 08.19.22

I love white shoes, but they have to be easy to clean! Love these choices.

Julie says · 09.02.22

I’m wearing my white slip-in sneakers with a casual knit skirt today. I think the slip-in kind look a little dressier for a skirt/dress. I also have a pair of white Tretorns that I wear with tshirt dresses. I’d say, wear what you feel most comfortable with and it’s okay if you can’t get on board with a certain trend. 💕

Donna Siler says · 09.06.22

Well, no one would accuse me of being a fashionista but I only feel comfortable wearing sneakers with tee-shirt dresses, the length of the dress isn’t important to me. Though I do prefer a knee length or longer (only because it’s personally more comfortable for me).
We all have our own funny little dress codes we follow. I say wear what suits YOU and it’ll look great! 🙂

Ann says · 09.16.22

I don’t normally like sneakers with a dress, however when I’m traveling and want to wear a dress but will be doing a lot of walking, I need a comfortable sneaker.