Poolside Beauty Must-Haves from Sephora

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I go for function > form when it comes to my poolside beauty routine. I need sun protection and maybe a *hint* of color on my face, whether it be through a wash of cream blush or a lip stain. More often than not, I’m at the pool with my kids, so I skip any makeup that could run, smear, or smudge.

I’ve stocked up on a few new things from Sephora and thought I’d break down a couple of the summertime essentials here on this post!

I fell in love with the Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm with SPF 30 a few months ago and it has become my holy grail lip SPF. It didn’t take much convincing for me to try the Isle Glow Body Lotion with SPF 45 from Cay Skin, and I’m glad I did because it’s a very nice body lotion! I love that the scent is mild and light too.

I gave the Summer Fridays ShadeDrops Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mineral Milk Sunscreen a go for my face and was instantly impressed. There was zero greasy residue, and it added a natural-looking sheen to my skin. It has a naturally derived tint that blends in with any skin tone, and it’s Reef-safe for anyone doing at traveling soon that needs a Reef-safe SPF product!

A few other summertime and poolside beauty favorites are the Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain in Mai Type. A lip stain is kind of the perfect lip product for outdoor activities if you ask me. It’ll look vibrant when it’s applied but slowly fade away leaving a beautiful stain of color on your lips.

I hope they continue to expand the shade range of the collection because they are already getting rave reviews.

We’re officially in summer mode now with the summer solstice behind us, and if you haven’t found an SPF that you love, perhaps you’ll be inspired to try one of these. But promise me that you’ll sign up to be a beauty insider at Sephora before you shop, okay? It’s completely free, you earn points, get clued in on upcoming promotions, and more!


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giiiirl says · 06.26.22

Girl, You skin is awful. You have so much sun damage, see a proper derm. In your video on instagram, you put the smallest amount of sunscreen on, you need to use significantly more

Kate says · 06.27.22

hi stranger! I do have a derm and I thought it was pretty obvious that the video was a rapid fire run through of product, not a tutorial of a full application, but it’s clear you missed that. Of course you need a full face of SPF, of which I do regularly. I’ll manage my own skin, no need to share your rude opinion about it.

Jen says · 06.27.22

This is what I love about Kate, she’s a real person with real imperfections. That doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous and adorable, like most ladies I know. She could only post perfection and make us think that’s “real”. Instead, she’s not afraid to show us her real self and give us her honest opinions and her best tips and tricks. Thanks Kate! I appreciate you being real ❤️

Emily says · 07.01.22

Wow, I rarely comment but I get so much joy (and awesome advice/ideas) from Kate’s blog and Instagram feed, and have done so for years. I can’t believe the rudeness and blatant insecurity of the person behind this bizarre (and totally off-base) comment — WTAF?! I only wish I looked half as good as Kate on any given day! Well actually, I don’t even mean to say that, because she teaches beauty in such a way that it encourages and reminds me to be happy in my own skin, which is something her posts have truly helped me do over the last decade. But still, she is gorgeous!

tgg says · 07.01.22

Giirl- you should always speak the way you want to be spoken to- You comment is rude and completely unnecessary. Her skin is not awful, it is normal. She doesn’t use filters and honestly I find that refreshing.

Julie Adams says · 06.26.22


Kate says · 06.27.22 Reply
Angela says · 06.27.22

That poutsicle lip stain sounds awesome!