My Home Smells like Vacation Thanks to Aera, and Let Me Tell You Why

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You may know by now how much I love my Aera Diffuser. It’s such a simple and effortless touch that adds warmth and coziness to my home. I’m not the type to remember to always burn a candle, and there are some rooms, like our playroom on the second floor, where candles aren’t a good option. So the Aera Diffuser allows me to have a non-toxic, safe for pets and kids, no water required, home-scenting option. And, *bonus*, each capsule lasts up to 800 hours!

I have my Aera Diffusers set up on schedules, so they turn on and off automatically based on how my family and I use the rooms in our home. And the Aera Mini Smart Diffuser has been the perfect addition to our laundry room, which is also where we store the cat’s litter box and food. This is vital because the doorway to enter the house is *right* by the laundry room so it’s important to me that it smells nice!

I received the new Destinations Collection from Aera and it has completely disrupted my solid list of top 5 fragrances from the brand. While Apple Harvest is still #1 for me (because I helped develop it!) I thought White Tea was definitely in the #2 spot. But that was until I smelled Hawaii. I was transported to a tropical paradise in my head.

Hawaii is composed of limes, tropical fruits, hibiscus, and passionflower. It smells fruity and somehow bright.

Paris is delicate, floral, and smells refined. There are notes of champagne and macarons, which feel very appropriate.

Amalfi Coast is lemony and fresh, with a nice depth thanks to the berry notes of blood orange.

I have the mini fragrance capsules, as well as the standard size, and while they are each unique in their scents, they somehow also work together quite nicely!

If you’re looking to bring some vacation vibes home this season, be sure to check out the Destinations Collection from Aera! And make sure to use code KATE20 for 20% off a diffuser!

This post was sponsored by Aera.


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