Beauty Products that Fell Flat for Me

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Nothing thrills me more than testing new beauty products, and while I try to shop smart and purchase things that I think will be the right fit, every once in a while I discover a few product fails. Now, what may be on my “fails” list could easily be on your “holy grail” list. Everyone’s skin and beauty preferences are unique, so I hope you take these reviews as exactly they are meant — just one beauty lover’s opinion.

Beautiful Skin Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury – this wore a bit lighter than what I would call medium coverage, and I had trouble getting it to look even. I wanted to love it, I really did, but it just missed the mark for me.

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette – woof. This was a splurge purchase during a prior Sephora event and I was absolutely shocked by the crumble and fall-out of the shadows in the palette.

Westmen Atelier Eye Pods eyeshadow – The packaging of this product just screams luxury, which I appreciate, but I found there to be such little product and it was difficult to get it out whether I was using my finger or my brush. I love the contour stick from this brand, but these shadow pods were seemingly more focused on the package than function.

Sublime Perfection Blurring Under Eye Powder – I was very excited to try this but I actually think that after experimenting with it, it could be better off as a loose powder. I didn’t find it to do much, it felt like the powder wasn’t fine enough to actually set my makeup without looking splotchy, and it cracked (while sitting on my vanity…?!) and became a mess.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Oil Mist – I admit I only used this once, but I’m *nervous* to use it again. I love the concept but it is challenging to differentiate where you already applied the product, and where else it needs to be rubbed in. It feels great on the skin, but I think using this affirmed my preference for using either gradual tanning products OR a tanning product with a really obvious color upon application. My current favorite self-tanner is the Loving Tan 2 HR Express in Medium.


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Robin Baker says · 04.12.22

I just tried the St. Tropez facial bronzing water mist. I tested it on my chest area and it looked okay, so tried it on my face. Unfortunately, it was way too orange. The mister is nice and ease of application is good, but hard to know whether you have an even application since the product is clear. Thankfully I purchased it during Ulta’s 21 days of beauty for 50% off, so not out the full price. I have a cool skin undetone and I am gonna stick with Loving Tan like you.

Kay Swanson says · 09.23.22

Return it!! Doesn’t matter if it’s opened. Ulta will take it back!

Kate says · 04.12.22

Yes I couldn’t get the CT foundation to blend – what was the hype??

Kasandra Woolley says · 04.12.22

I’ve always wondered why Tom Ford eye shadow palettes were so expensive, but didn’t get great reviews. Thanks for posting this! It is ok when certain products don’t work for all people!

Celeste Benavides says · 04.12.22

Oh no! I purchased the Beautiful Skin Medium coverage foundation during the Sephora sale event. I’m looking for a coverage similar to tinted moisturizer. I may have to return for the Make Up Forever foundation. Thanks for sharing.


TGG says · 04.13.22

I agree with all of the above- CT foundation did not blend well for me. I love Pat McGrath products but I am a hard no for powder under the eye at any age. Tom Ford and Westmen Atelier are over priced, Westmen foundation is greasy and doesn’t ever set- blah

Bev says · 04.17.22

I kind of agree on the mist, but I really love the Isle of Paradise drops! Mix with moisturizer and it’s the perfect color for your face and décolletage!