Two Hair Oils I’m Obsessed With

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Hair oil used to scare me. I just imagined greasy, shiny, waxy, hair covered in residue. But let me tell you: that is not what hair oil should do for your hair.

My first hair oil love is the Healing Oil by Virtue. I had used it off and on for a little while but started to use it nightly on a particularly damaged piece of hair by my hairline. It was a section that was burned off from chemical bleaching and heat, so it was **fried**. I didn’t want bangs, so I knew I had to try to repair this section of hair before it kept getting shorter and shorter.

The Healing Oil not only softened and smoothed out that rough, damaged section of my hair, but it healed it. The protein in healing oil filled in the damage of the hair and kept it from splitting higher and higher (that’s what damaged ends will do if you don’t take care of them).

I applied it to that damaged area nightly, and would usually run it through my dry hair after heat styling in the mornings. The oil is light enough that it doesn’t make my hair feel weighed down, but man it’s effective nonetheless.

A different hair oil that I’ve loved recently is the Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil. This oil is used much differently than the Virtue Healing Oil (and does different things!).

My stylist recommended this to me because my hair is just, well, dry. I do a lot of work to it, and I also take pretty good care of it, but it’s just dry. My hairstylist recommended that I spray this onto my hair, focusing on the ends, and let it soak in for about 10 minutes before I wash my hair. I’ve done that, and I’ve also worn it in my hair overnight. Both lead to incredibly soft, nourished hair.

This is a heavy oil that will absolutely make your hair look greasy. It needs to be shampooed out versus the Virtue Healing Oil that can be applied to styled hair and worn all day. The Karite Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil is a treatment, used either daily for very dry hair, or up to once a week. The Virtue Healing Oil is a product that can also be used daily, but the key difference is that it’s not required to shampoo it out.

In my experience, I use the Virtue Healing Oil for visual and tactile softness as well as known healing of the hair. I use the Karite Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil as a weekly softening treatment to richly hydrate and soften the hair.

Both are great oils, and I recommend both of them!


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Twiggy says · 03.01.22

Since the Virtue oil has protein it, is it possible to over use? You (and my stylist) have mentioned being careful with protein products as overuse can actually cause the hair to become too “hard” causing it to snap.

Kate says · 03.02.22

You can over use protein-based products, yes. Just pay close attention to how your hair feels. If it starts to feel brittle, even after using oil, take a breather.

Rachel W says · 03.01.22

I purchased both of these oils due to your recommendation and these are the best products I’ve ever been influenced to buy. I have never had my hair so soft- feels salon fresh every time using these products it’s crazy! Thank you Kate☺️ My hair says thank you too.

Kate says · 03.02.22

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them!!

Diane says · 03.10.22

I just tried the Karite oil this morning and then dried and styled my hair. WOW! I am so glad I added this to my collection and will likely use it weekly. I put it in and then put my hair in a tight bun, worked out and then washed.