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I never thought I would be a home workout person, but that really changed when I decided to purchase the Peloton bike and commit to 30 days of using it before the return window expired. I came to really love the ease and simplicity of just working out in the early morning hours in my home.

It took a little time to get into the groove with the bike, and for me, one of the biggest changes was finding a group of other bike riders to work out with and “meet “on the leaderboard. I really benefit from accountability and knowing that I’m working out with other people that I can high-five with on the Peloton leaderboard!

The bike has been my go-to for cardio for the last two years, and I’ve taken a lot of strength, Boot Camp, and even outdoor running classes through the Peloton app as well.

I love running outdoors and wanted to start incorporating more running into my routine, so I decided to buy the Peloton tread. I approached it the same way I approached the bike, I was going to use it a lot when it first arrived to make sure it was a good fit for me, and if I didn’t like it I would return it. I was 90% certain that I would like it since I’m already in the Peloton community and love the bike so much.

It’s no surprise that I have really enjoyed the tread, and a lot of that comes from being familiar with the trainers, already having the built-in community, and knowing a few friends who have the tread that I can text with and ask them to “meet” me for a run at 6am.

I’ve been using the tread a lot in preparation for a 10K I signed up for the spring. The race ended up getting canceled due to weather, but it was really helpful for me to have a lofty goal on my calendar to work towards.
I’m planning on signing up for another 10K later this spring or early summer, but until then I’m in the process of figuring out a good balance of using both machines for my weekly workout routine.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the bike a little bit, but I assumed that would happen at the beginning!
The things I love about the tread are similar to the things I love about the bike. I genuinely love the trainers, I’m the type of person that needs someone to tell me what to do with fitness. I’m not very self-motivated to push myself beyond a comfortable pace— this is why accountability through friends and the leaderboard are all motivators for me.

As far as the equipment goes, the tread has worked perfectly. The knobs to raise the incline and adjust the speed are very intuitive to use, and I’m enjoying the larger screen to watch the trainer.

People always ask me if the Peloton is worth it. And I always answer with the same thing: I can’t tell you if it will be worth it for you. I can only give you my feedback by sharing my own experience with it, talking about how the machine works, etc.

The Peloton tread and bike are worth it for me because I can get a workout done in the early hours without waking up my family and without leaving my house. The community that comes with having a Peloton in your home is even more valuable to me. For my personality, and how I like to feel during my workouts, the ability to chat about trainers with my friends, share what workouts I’m planning on doing online, and seeing other familiar faces on the leaderboard to dole out high fives is extremely motivating.

If I had more time in the day, I would love to go to a gym where I could work out with friends like I used to do at Burn Boot Camp. But in this particular time of my life, it’s just too easy to get it done in the morning, and while the social aspect is virtual, it’s getting the job done for me!

Do you need both the tread and the bike? No. And if I was to only choose one piece of equipment to have in my house, I’d have a hard time choosing. I was neither a cyclist nor a runner before I bought either of my Peloton equipment, but I’ve come to really enjoy both of them and love the workout I get from each!

You can read my previous blog posts sharing my experience in the first year with a Peloton bike. I’d also highly recommend joining the Sweat Squad Facebook group if you’re looking for people to work out with and you also have a Peloton or the app!

Questions and Answers:

1. Why isn’t your tread by your bike? We’re still ironing out where to put stuff but for now, it’s working best to have the tread in the exercise room (that Justin uses for drone storage, guitars, etc) and keep my bike up in my office. We tried the tread up there but it was way too loud. The bike is much, much quieter. It may not always be this way, but this works just fine.

2. How is the size? You can get the dimensions on the Peloton website and I used the Virtual Reality tool to “envision” it in my house while we were trying to find a spot. It’s tucked in the corner in this room, as you can see, but I can raise it all the way up just fine.

3. Do you like running more now? I do, but I still feel like I have a long way to go. I really love the bootcamp classes on both the bike and the tread because it’s the best of both worlds–cardio and weights.

4. How is the audio output from the tread? It’s good, but I always-always-always have my Powerbeats in.

5. Who is your favorite instructor to run with? I love Adrian, Jess, Daniel, and Chase. There are so many more I need to check out!


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Amanda says · 03.17.22

We have a Peloton bike and I love it! And I’ve done the tread workouts at gyms when I travel (plus some of the outdoor running classes). I so wish we had room for the tread also because I love doing some of the tread bootcamps. And I really liked doing some of the tread hikes!

Nichole Mancone Fisher says · 03.20.22

I have the tread and bike as well. I have to put in a plug for Rebecca’s hikes. Just as great of a burn as a run and perfect for a day you’re looking for low impact.

Diana says · 04.27.22

I am considering buying the tread and have hardwood floors in the room that I would put it. Do I need to have a mat underneath. I have a mat under my bike.

Kate says · 04.28.22

if it were me, and I was putting the tread on hardwoods, I would put a mat down first!