My Emily Ring

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Look at baby Emily!!!

When I was pregnant with David, Justin and I decided to get something significant that we could pass down to our son when he was of a certain age. We decided to get a watch, one that Justin would wear so David could recognize it as “dad’s watch” from photos or videos of when he was a child.

When I was pregnant with Luke, we didn’t know he was a boy until he was born, so shortly after Luke was born we picked out a second watch to pass down to him as well.

Justin alternates wearing both of these watches throughout the year, and has actually worn both of them (like one on each wrist) on all of his mountain climbs!

When I was pregnant with Emily, we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl until she was born as well, so after she joined our family, Justin took me to a jewelry store to choose my “Emily ring”. It’s the ring you can see in the photo above, I wear it on my right-hand ring finger. The only time I had it off for a bit was when it was being fixed at the jeweler, otherwise, I wear it every single day.

I talk to her about it and she’s tried it on a few times, and I’m glad it’ll be something special that I can pass down to her when she’s older.

I remember looking at my mom’s jewelry with my sister when we were young. And my mom has passed down a bracelet to me that I wore on my wedding day. I love the stories behind the jewelry, and I’m glad that Emily will be able to look at this ring and likely picture it on my finger.

This is a similar version to the ring I’m wearing in the photo.


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Sherry says · 01.05.22

This is such a wonderful idea and I am sure it will mean something to all of them. Lovely ring !

Jennifer McLain says · 01.05.22

This is so sweet and really special! Thank
You for sharing. My kids are almost 15 & 12. While I didn’t set out with this idea I have something that will work for both of them!!

Olena says · 01.05.22

Wow! I love this significance behind jewelry. My brother-in-law planted a tree when his first son was born. My nephew is now 25 and the tree is a great reminder of when it was planted (they built their house and still live there).

Becky says · 01.05.22

I love this so much! My mom wears a lot of rings and has a lot of jewelry, so I am set in that department. Lol.
But, I am wondering what watches Justin has for the boys. My husband is in the market for a new everyday watch, and I would love to get him one with this intention. Thanks in advance!

Susan Plush says · 01.06.22

Kate, I love that you and Justin did that for your kids. I’m quite a bit older than you… probably could could be your mother. Both my parents recently passed on the last 4 years living a full life until 93 and 95. Since I do not have any siblings my parents gave me all their jewelry way before they passed. I look at my mom’s beautiful diamond engagement ring, my dad’s diamond pinky ring that I had sized. I also have my dad’s rose gold watch, resized and his gold wedding band that I saw him wear my entire life. It gives me great peace that I wear these cherished jewels. I hope to hand them down to my daughter and son one day along with my own jewelry. Maybe some pieces to my 2 grandchildren. Hopefully they too will have a warm smile wearing them and many fond memories.
Happy, healthy New Year!!
Susan Plush♥️

Betty says · 01.06.22

Hi Kate! Just curious as to why you didn’t include a lip product in this? 😊

Kate says · 01.07.22

I guess because it changes all the time, but I’m linking to a few of my favs soon!

Kendra says · 01.09.22

What’s the magic age that the kids will receive these items? Or is it a certain milestone, like wedding day or college graduation?

Kate says · 01.09.22

It’ll depend on some things, of course, so we’ll just make the decision when the time is right for each one of them.

Chelsea Wall says · 01.26.22

I love this! I am on the search for something similar for my girls! I really was a stack of three (one with their birthstones and mine and then each girl a ring to be passed down!

MJ says · 04.26.23

Why didn’t you know the sex of your babies before birth? Most normal folks do that in the hills where we live…

Kate says · 04.27.23

We chose not to find out for my 2nd and 3rd. Wanted to be surprised at birth!

Michelle says · 04.27.23

My grandma used to let me wear her diamond and ruby ring around the house when I was young. She always told me “someday this ring will be yours.” It has since been passed into me and I used all the stones to create my wedding band. It makes me smile everyday!