3 Beauty Myths

All About Toning Hair

After years of working in the beauty industry, I’ve heard a lot of the same things, and I thought it was time to dispel some common myths that you may have also heard (or believed yourself!)!

One. Shaving hair (from legs to mustaches to uni-brows) will cause the hair to grow back thicker and darker. This is a commonly held view but if you actually give it a little thought, it doesn’t make any sense! Running a razor blade against your skin does not, cannot, and will not alter the natural growth pattern of your hair. A razor cannot affect the hair follicle which is where the hair grows. What a razor does, though, is slice the hair off with a blunt finish. When the hair begins to grow out again, it may feel thicker because the end of the hair has not been worn down and tapered like previously existing hair on your body. It may look darker because it’s never been exposed to sunlight before. So while the re-growth may seem thicker and darker, neither of those things is actually true.

If you are interested in the best way to remove hair for the most natural growing out process, waxing may be a good choice. Instead of slicing the hair, the wax strip removes it completely, therefore, an entirely new hair needs to grow and push through the skin to be visible on the surface.

If you’re in a pinch feel free to use a razor. It’s not going to cause any long-term changes to your hair texture or color!

Two. Heat and steam can open pores. Pores don’t have muscles, so there isn’t a way to cause opening or closing of them. Heat or steam can soften any dirt or bacteria clogged in your pores, but it cannot create movement in your face, as minimal as it may seem. If you are looking for a deep clean, using steam or warm water can certainly be beneficial, but just know it isn’t going to change the size of your pores.

Three. Tweezing out a grey hair will cause more than one to grow back in its place. Similar to the shaving myth, removing a hair from its follicle will not cause it to radically duplicate and therefore regrow two or more hairs in its place! So, if you have grey hair that popped up in your part and you don’t have time to color it, it won’t cause too much damage to pull it out. But be aware that this isn’t a long-term solution for dealing with grey hair!

I’m curious, is there anything that you have believed with your whole heart only to be told it isn’t actually true when it comes to beauty routines and care?


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Courtney Misterek says · 11.04.21

I am sooo glad you answered the question about the gray hairs! I have sent this in your question box a few times, so thank you!!

Sharon says · 11.04.21

Very helpful information! Can you please recommend a good waxing product to use at home?

Addison says · 11.04.21

I need to know if cutting your hair (or trimming it) will actually make it grow back faster!!! You’re the girl who would know this. Thank you!

Wendy says · 11.07.21

Does using a towel on your hair really cause frizz?

Kate says · 11.07.21

It sort of depends on how you use a towel, what your hair type is, etc. In general: do not ever rub your hair dry. You can squeeze it softly, but rubbing a towel, or anything on your hair will likely rough up the cuticle, causing frizz.

Lindsay says · 11.07.21

I am in the plucking phase at age 38 with sporadic grays popping up! How do you start with color or highlights to help masque the grays? What works best for different hair colors?

Dennis Leon says · 12.10.21

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