The Perks of Being a Sephora Beauty Insider

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This post is sponsored by Sephora.

I remember hitting Rouge Status as a Sephora Beauty Insider member and thinking to myself, “Well, that tracks.” This was years before I had joined the Sephora Squad, and just goes to show that I’ve been a long-time shopper and fan of Sephora!

If you’re like me, you may be hesitant to sign up for programs when you’re shopping different retailers due to not knowing what it’s for (is it a credit card?!) or if it’ll actually be worth it. I can tell you with certainty that the Sephora Beauty Insider program is totally worth being a member of because it’s completely free. No credit card required, no minimum to spend, it’s just a way for you to earn points on your purchases, and gain access to cool perks as a part of the program.

I typically use the points I earn on free samples, but more recently I’ve been letting them add up so I can save money on my orders with my points. 500 points, at any Beauty Insider tier, earns you the ability to take $10 off your next order. I actually just placed a recent order to restock my concealer and makeup brush cleanser and used my points to save $10.

I can see how the beauty industry can feel overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from, and it’s hard to know if something will work for you without trying it. The option to choose your samples gives you a little more control over what you get to test out to help you experiment with new products without the hassle of buying and returning.

Beyond the “every day” perks of being a Beauty Insider Member, there are different times throughout the year that you get access to promotions or events with your membership. And the access often comes with some kind of savings as well, so it’s just an all-around win.

So, to sum up: it’s completely free with zero obligation from you, and you simply earn rewards through being a member. What are you waiting for?!

I have a special link for you to use if you’ve never signed up that will gift you a discount code to save 10% off your next order as long as it’s within 7 days of signing up. Just click here to sign up and you’ll receive the code.

Happy shopping!


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Ashley says · 10.06.21

Do you have a link for the grey shirt in the second picture? Love it. Looks so comfy!

Emily says · 10.06.21

You left off the best part of Insider status – the free birthday gift!! They spoil members every year with an amazing free gift during your birthday month, no purchase required. I look forward to it every January 🙂 Thanks for sharing, love Sephora!

Vanda says · 11.01.21

Do you have a link for your vanity mirror? I’ve been looking for one exactly like yours for a very long time, with no luck. Thank you and I love reading your blog!