My Haircut (and a secret)

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Can I tell you a secret? There is nothing special about my haircut. It is an incredibly simple, straightforward haircut. The bottom is cut straight, with only a tiny bit of an angle left on each front side to compensate for when I tuck my hair behind my ears.

The layers are long, basic, and I’m regularly on a journey of trying to grow out my layers because I like a simple mid-length cut with minimal layers.

When I’m asked, “how would you explain your haircut so I can ask my hairstylist for the same thing?” on social media, I always reply with the recommendation of taking in any photos of the haircut you like (whether it’s mine, or someone else’s) so the stylist can see what you are going for.

“Mid-length cut with long layers” means a lot of different things to a lot of people, so visuals are often the best way to communicate with an artistic person like a stylist!

If you’ll allow me to be totally honest, I think a lot of the reason why my haircut may seem special is due to the color and the styling. The color is the most perfect blonde of my life from Jordan David at Douglas Carol Salon in Raleigh. And the styling is due to years of practice and a true love of styling hair. When I worked behind the chair, I loved doing bridal hair, styling the hair after haircuts, etc. The finished result is just so gratifying. It can really lift your spirits if you’re feeling down. So it follows that I genuinely enjoy styling my own hair too. It comes naturally, and I love using products too.

So with all of that said, I want to tell you (with confidence!!!) that you, too, can style a mid-length cut with long layers with the use of volumizing products, great hair tools, and a little bit of effort to make sure the styling lasts all day.

You can watch me curl my hair here, and if you’re interested in a tutorial about how I style my hair straight, click here.ย 


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Maree Sperle says · 10.30.21

Love the cut and especially the color. What color blonde should I ask my hairdresser to use next time to get a similar look?

Kate says · 10.30.21

I recommend bringing photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jan Reissenweber says · 10.30.21

I went to have my shoulder length hair trimmed 1/2 inch before my vacation. My hairdresser cut choppy layers then length of my ears without even asking! And two inches off the bottom! I will never go back to her, but this is good advice I will use for next time. Thank you!

Naphtali says · 10.30.21

What’s the shortest hair you’ve ever had? As a fellow stylist I think you’d look ab fab with shorter hair

Kate says · 10.30.21

pretty short! About chin length ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sydney85 says · 10.30.21

Target does not carry the Loreal Blowdry primer that you recommend. Do you know other retail stores that carry it?

Michele says · 10.30.21

Amazon has it! And itโ€™s really reasonably priced!

Stephanie says · 10.30.21

What about right around the face? I never get the face framing layers even though I mention them when describing what I want. How should I describe that? (For when I pull my hair up)

Ali says · 10.31.21

Iโ€™m a brunette, and inevitably, I always find photos of blondes to take to my stylist. Iโ€™m like โ€œI know sheโ€™s blonde butโ€ฆโ€. And then after the appointment Iโ€™m still a little disappointed. So I think you are correct in saying that your lovely color and professional styling abilities are what contribute to so many hair inquiries from followers. Now if I could only find pics of a brunette with awesome hair like Kate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Michele says · 11.01.21

That struggle is REAL, girl!

Teresa Rinehart says · 11.01.21

You look beautiful as you always do! This is my first time for any comment but I’ve followed you for years. AND I’m of an older generation than you. I could be your mom’s age I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a real delight to follow and your family looks precious.
At nearly 60 years old myself, for the first time I am trying to grow out my hair and layers (bangs are the biggest challenge). It seems whenever I have found a good fit with a hair stylist, the stylist ends up moving. Therefore, it’s been a struggle. Usually, when my hair is cut, it ends up being much shorter and much more layered than I intended, even when I show a picture of a cut. So now, I’m on a mission to struggle through the effort of growing it out :)) I’ve been thinking I just need a very basic, simple cut and low and behold you shared this new haircut! How often do you recommend a trim during a lengthy grow out phase?
Also, I’d like to ask, because I’m just challenged in this area of things, is your hair color considered cool or neutral? Is your skin tone warm? Or cool?
I have a light complexion (was a strawberry blonde in my younger years but of course am graying now, blue-green eyes) that leans toward the warm side and I look best in warm and neutral colors. My hair color needs to be warm or neutral (to the best of my knowledge). In the past when I’ve had an ash blonde on my hair, I hated it. So I’m wondering if your hair color might suit me?
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill and for being so kind and sweet through your blog. Keep up the great work Kate!
Have a super blessed day ๐Ÿ™‚

EmmaGrace says · 11.02.21

How would you describe your blond to a stylist if I wanted the same color/tone? It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, I live in PA and can’t get to your stylist. I almost always end up nit bright enough blonde and when the toner is added to the glaze my hair is so dull. I’ve asked for a clear glaze and bright blonde highlights:however, it’s never done the same way twice. I usually spend around $200 on y hair with a tip and got to a reputable salon.

Emily Gibson Walter says · 11.12.21

Do you have any recommendations for other stylists at the Douglas Carroll salon?

Reply says · 03.03.22

Wow!! I loved your hair. i always wanted to have blonde bob hair but was scared of damaging hence I have been using blonde bob wigs for so long now and it gives me natural look.

Melissa says · 06.05.22

What advice do you have for growing your hair out of a bob? My hair looks about like yours maybe thinner and its always digging into my neck or flipping out? Also, with it being straight I don’t like to see layers (straight lines around my head) I want it sort of choppy. She will usually point cut the ends but just a tad. I feel like I need big point cut chops but I’m no beautician and have no idea how to even tell her what I’m thinking and have a hard time finding pictures. Thank you and thank you for sharing you tips๐Ÿ˜Š

emily says · 11.09.22

nice ! Thats very cool.THanks for sharing

ayanaanderson5889 says · 11.14.22

thanks for this post!

Taryn Sharp says · 03.25.24

Thanks for all the tips!