Top 5 Hairsprays

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I remember the first time I sprayed White Rain on my hair when I was working a temp job at a metal production company. My hair was messed up from the headset I had to wear, and I grabbed the white rain sitting in the bathroom and sprayed.

Small beads of crispy liquid flung out of the bottle and coated my hair. I couldn’t even brush through it with my fingers!

And that is when I knew–hairspray can be realllllly wrong, or really right. Find a few of my favorite hairsprays below!

No 1. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray – this is another more firm hold option and can also be forgiving like the Kenra Volume 25.

No 2. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray – the lightest of all, but great for loose and beachy waves.

No 3. Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray – this is such a great flexible option for those who like a looser hold. It’s lightweight and smells really nice.

No 4. Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Texture Spray – this is a rather loose hold but adds a really nice texture to your hair. If your curls mesh together, try using a texture spray like this to give them a little definition!

No 5. Kenra Volume 25 – my absolute favorite for almost 20 years! It’s a strong hold while still being brushable and flexible. Layers beautifully too!


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Shauna Schwab says · 09.23.21

I’ve been using Kenra 25, per your recommendation and I love it!

Caroline says · 09.23.21

Ha!! Love this. For years I was only using “Final Net” because that’s all mom would buy (old lady smell, anyone?) now I’m a Kenra 25 gal for over a decade, thanks to a certain small things blog.

Ashley says · 09.23.21

White Rain! Wow, what a throw back. That and Rave and AquaNet. Love amika products. Thanks for the recommendations!

Emily says · 09.23.21

I love the Amika Fluxus Hairspray but it is constantly clogging on me! I thought it was the particular bottle I had at first but every one since clogs too, and I’ve read a lot of reviews saying saying same. I still use it because I love it, just don’t understand why this particular Hairspray clogs constantly!

Julia says · 09.23.21

Have you ever tried Freeze It? It’s been my go-to for years! Every time I try something different I always end up going back to it.

Deirdre says · 09.23.21

What drugstore hairsprays do you recommend? Would love to see some reviews!

Kelley says · 09.23.21

White rain was the choice of my mom growing up. I can picture it in my head lol. She was a delta flight attendant had to be super polished and that was like her aqua net she twisted her hair back put in a little snood and sprayed the crap out of her hair nothing was out of place on my mamas head.

Dennis Leon says · 11.30.21

Really Amika is best hair spray for women. I suggest our client for Amika.