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I always enjoy reading the random posts from other bloggers or influencers I follow when they share random facts about themselves. Sometimes there are things to share that don’t otherwise fit in a certain blog post so if you’ve got nothing else to read, you can check out the 35 things about myself that you may not know below.

One. My first name was changed from Kathryn to Katelyn when I was an infant.

Two. On a similar note, I had to choose a new name to go by when I worked at a salon with a stylist also named Kate. I chose my middle name, Ashley, but I wish I would have branched out and done something unique like STAR or something. I mean, when do you get a chance to change your name as an adult for a 3-month window of your life? Almost never. Missed opportunity if you ask me.

Three. I was born in the midwest, but have lived, quite happily, in North Carolina for 15 years. I have no plans to leave.

Four. I love to bake.

Five. I’m a cat person

Six. Mayonnaise, in its pure form, repulses me.

Seven. I’m the middle child with an older brother and younger sister.

Eight. I could eat pizza for dinner every night and be so happy.

Nine. I love coffee and never drink tea ( I don’t like it ).

Ten. I majored in philosophy knowing that I was going to work at a salon as a hairstylist. I actually really valued the freedom of studying a topic I was interested in without feeling the pressure of pursuing a career with it after college.

Eleven. I grew up with dogs and cats, but have only owned cats as an adult. I could see getting a dog many, many years from now.

Twelve. I’ve never broken a bone.

Thirteen. I’ve had 3 children, all via c-section, and never went into labor with any of them.

Fourteen. There is nothing more satisfying to me than making other people laugh.

Fifteen. I loved to read as a young girl. I wasn’t really into sports, so crafting, reading, and playing with makeup were my favorite things to do.

Sixteen. I can be very introspective and often spend time thinking about what another person hears/feels/sees more than I think about my own experience with something said or done.

Seventeen. I like wine more than a cocktail.

Eighteen. It’s important to me that people feel included and valued. The notion that I could possibly do something to make another person feel left out is my nightmare.

Nineteen. I’m an enneagram 3 with a wing 2. From the bare minimum research I’ve done about it, I find what I read to be quite true.

Twenty. I colored my hair a dark brown shortly after I was married and hated it. I’ll be a blonde forever.

Twenty-One. I’m fiercely protective over my kids whenever we are away from our home. In fact, Justin and I just bought GPS watches for our boys.

Twenty-Two. The Problem of Evil is one of the notions I struggle with the most.

Twenty-Three. As I’m getting older, I’m finding myself feeling more mentally free than I was in my early twenties. I know that’s vague, but I’m just finding myself feeling more laid-back and relaxed about things in my life than I was before.

Twenty-Four. I’m not good at make-believe play with my kids. I’d much rather take them outside or go do physical activity with them. This surprises me because I remember playing make-believe endlessly as a child but that part of me can be hard to tap into now.

Twenty-Five. I prefer summer to winter. Actually, I prefer summer to really any other season.

Twenty-Six. I’m not really into traveling. I like short trips within the country the most!

Twenty-Seven. I love being an older sister.

Twenty-Eight. If I could choose a new hair color, I would be a strawberry blonde or a redhead.

Twenty-Nine. One of my greatest joys is my children and seeing them grow up and watching their personalities form.

Thirty. I really like my freckles!

Thirty-One. Sweet over savory any day of the week.

Thirty-Two. I’ll never be able to express the deep, gratifying feeling of knowing that my dream of working in the beauty industry has come true. It certainly isn’t the path I imagined I would be on, but it has been an incredible journey thus far and I think the best is yet to come.

Thirty-Three. I love to read.

Thirty Four. I’ve never read any Harry Potter books.

Thirty-Five. I’m terrible at math.

So those are 35 quick facts about me! Did you learn anything new?


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Leza Cruz says · 06.26.21

Cute 💡
Thx for sharing some cute and interesting tidbits😊😊🐾

Annaliese says · 06.26.21

I am so with you on 4,5 and 6!! Yay for being cat people!

xoxo A

Kelli says · 06.26.21

Loved this so so much! It’s no wonder I love following you because we are so much alike! Except I live in FL and summer is NOT my thing haha!
You are amazing Kate! Happy Birthday!

Michele says · 06.26.21

DITTO on the Mayo! I swear even the sound of it being slipped out of a jar repulses me!!

Also, super interested in the infancy name change. Just am.

Jules says · 06.26.21

This was a fun read! Would love to hear more about your name change as an infant 🙂

Chris says · 06.27.21

How fun! And interested- I feel the same way about mayo! And, I went by my middle name at my first kindergarten. There was a boy in the class as well who went by Chris, and the teacher wouldn’t let there be two. She said “Well HE is used to being called Chris at home” Welcome to sexism at age 4. And, I also don’t like tea and am lousy at make believe, but I’m a dog person and incredibly allergic to cats- but they love me

Alysha says · 06.27.21

24!!! Yes so hard for me….

Connie says · 06.27.21

Loved learning more about you! Thanks for sharing! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!

Heather says · 06.27.21

I didn’t know you hadn’t read the Harry Potter books. Did you see the movies? I saw the movies and then read the books. I like the movies better. Blasphemy to many. 🙂

Angela Polly says · 06.27.21

You’re such a deep thinker and caring, fun and funny person. I don’t follow many influencers but I love your page more than some friends and family.

Erin says · 06.27.21

I am a blonde and dyed my hair a reddish brown not long after getting married as well… I also chopped off about 11 inches… to this day I’ll never know why I did it! blondes for life for sure!

Roxanne Shea says · 06.27.21

I also love to read and have never read anything Harry Potter.

Lou says · 06.27.21

I didn’t understand number 19 so I did a google. I’m enneagram 2 and not sure which wing.

Jude says · 06.27.21

You HATE the Dentist!!!

Weight is just a number a s one you will not share with Us.

You hate to complain. Positive thoughts only

You ARE funnier than Justin.

Love You!!!

Janelle says · 06.27.21

Yes! Yes! Yes! To #24. I’m a much better adventure mom than playing mom!

Chantel says · 06.27.21

I just read “I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books” as I’m watching a Harry Potter movie marathon! I’m so happy you chose to share your life with us!

Erin says · 06.27.21

I’m a long time follower, but have never commented for some reason! I loved reading these facts, and find so many similarities between the two of us. 😊 Thank you for being real, giving great tips and product suggestions, and for providing some comedic relief in stories!

Katie says · 06.27.21

We have so much in common. I love your blog and Instagram stories. I feel like you’re my friend. Thank you for all your tips and excellent content. You’re my fave blogger, along with your sister!

Nicole says · 06.27.21

Loved this! I’ve been following you since the very beginning and there are a few things I didn’t know! Great way for people to get to know you a little better! For the record I think you’re hilarious!

Audra says · 06.27.21

All great things to learn about you!

Rebekah says · 06.27.21

Loved learning some of these new-to-me tidbits. I, too, am horrible at pretend play. And I am SHOCKED that you’ve never read HP! I am a few years older than you, but I started the series when only the first two were out and they weren’t a thing yet. My almost-seven-year-old is now on book 6, so I’m loving experiencing them again.
Cheers to 35! 🥂

Trisha says · 06.27.21

I did go back and see if you missed a number after your, I’m terrible at math fact 😂😂

Tanya Wear says · 06.27.21

Happy Birthday! Been following since before you started IG, despite having very different hair than yours, your hair tutorials have served me well! 🙂 When I really got into IG you became one of my top follows & continue to be… I have boys the same age, have you shared the GPS watches before, I like this idea a lot?!

Becca says · 06.27.21

You NEED to give Harry Potter a try! I have loved it since they released and (besides Christ) it is the ONLY thing I am super passionate about! I convinced multiple of my adult friends to try the series during lockdown and they all finished the entire series within 2 weeks-month. Do it!

Kristen says · 06.27.21

I’m 47 and have never broken a bone either ! And I don’t like Tea ! Thanks for sharing !

Brianne says · 06.27.21

I love cats too! I finally read the first Harry Potter book to my third grade class this year, but never read them on my own. Thank you for sharing and being so relatable!

Karen says · 06.27.21

Wow!! I learned a lot that I didnt know or wouldn’t have guessed and I’ve been a follower since your pregnancy with Em.

Jenny says · 06.28.21

I just think we’d probably be good friends if we met in real life, and I’m sure we’d laugh a lot. I was surprised about Mayo and tea.

Tate says · 06.28.21

28 seems odd after 20… 🤔

Becca says · 06.28.21

This was very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog posts! I’m curious as I am researching them currently for my child…which GPS watch did you buy for your sons and do you recommend them?

Lisa says · 06.28.21

Loved all of this Kate! Thanks for sharing. I resonated with 23 & 24 the most!

April Gaskell says · 06.28.21

Happy Birthday! I learned a few new things, thank you for sharing.

Susanne says · 06.28.21

checking all the boxes!

Ramona says · 06.28.21

I like the change to Katelyn. I like you as a blonde (couldn’t imagine you as a brunette) Ditto on pizza and wine! 😉Happy, happy birthday! 🧁🌸🌼🌞

Amy Hadaway says · 06.29.21

#22 “The problem of evil” really perplexed me the most. Honestly I wasn’t sure what you meant by that, so I googled it. I think it must be the philosophy major in you. Now that I think about it; it is a good question to ponder. 🤔

Rachel says · 07.01.21

I am reading a biography of C.S. Lewis. He wrote 2 books addressing this subject: The Problem of Pain and A Grief Observed. I just read this article too:

Brittany says · 06.30.21

Can you give us more details about the kids GPS watch?

Julie Patterson says · 07.02.21

I’ve also had 3 c-sections and never gone into labor…HELLP syndrome. Thankful for my 20, 18 and 15 year olds 🙂