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I’ve had an Aera Smart Diffuser for quite some time and I absolutely love the touch it gives to our home. It’s been difficult to nail down my favorite scents since there are so many great ones to choose from, and Aera has just recently launched even more scents through a collaboration with The Laundress.

The Laundress, in case you aren’t familiar, is a premium brand that focuses on top-of-the-line fabric care products infused with some of the nicest, most sophisticated scents. Personally, I was made familiar with this line of products when I was looking for detergent for my silk pillowcases, so I was thrilled to learn that Aera was partnering with The Laundress to create 4 signature scents.

The 4 scents are Classic, No. 723, No. 10, and Baby. I have to say, I’ve been playing “Classic” in my bedroom for the past few weeks, and even if there are clothes on the floor or piles of linens that need to be folded and put away if I walk into my bedroom and my Aera Smart Device is playing the scent, my room still feels inviting and calm.

The Aera for me is one of my favorite and most effortless ways to make sure my home smells nice. I use the Aera For Home app to set schedules for each diffuser on a schedule to come on at different times depending on how we use the rooms, and I love that all I need to do is change out the capsules after several weeks and insert a new scent.

The Laundress collection offers wonderful scents that can be enjoyed year-round, but they arrived to my home right at the start of the warmer months, so I associate them with a new season. A fresh start, if you will.

The Classic scent is the iconic “clean laundry” scent. I’ve been playing it in my bedroom, but would happily move it up to my office if I wanted a change.

No. 723 is rose-focused with a spicy twist. This would be great in a bedroom as well, or a living room since it mixes masculine and feminine scents so nicely.

No. 10 is a mix of warm musk and bold spice. I love this for our main floor.

Baby is a calming blend of vanilla, musk, and lavender. As soon as my current capsule runs out in our playroom, I’ll be using this scent in there! This is also the room where Justin and I enjoy our movie nights on the weekends so this fragrance is a happy balance of 3 crowd-pleasing scents.

The Aera Smart Home Diffuser is the most automated of the Aera devices. You can hook it up to WIFI, schedule different on/off times for each device (if you have more than one), and turn it off or on via the app. There is another diffuser option as well, the Touch Diffuser, which is lower priced but doesn’t offer the app feature.

Personally, I love that each device is on a schedule since they are the Smart Diffusers, and that allows me to enjoy the scents easily and without effort.

As a partner with Aera, I have a few devices, but I started out with only one that I placed in my living room. Some scents have a bit more throw than others, and it was quite common for me to smell the living room scent all the way up on the second floor. While I enjoy having a few different devices in order to try and experiment with different scents, one device goes a long, long way in delivering fragrance to your home, especially because the capsules also last on average up to 800 hours.

If you want to buy an Aera to enjoy in your home, use my code KATE20 for 20% off of the diffusers!


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Tricia says · 06.16.21

I am always so surprised when I see that scent makers are still on the market. Scent sensitivity can be as serious as a hospital visit or worse for so many these days. Most work places (doctors offices, government, recreation facilities are designated scent/fragrance free). If I walked into someone’s home with scent heavy (or even light) in the air I would turn around and walk right out. Do you ever feel that it is “heavy” in the air, like you can almost feel it?

Kate says · 06.16.21

I know what you are asking and I do not feel like it’s heavy. It depends on the fragrance choice, of course, but I typically find that controlling the intensity of these capsules through the functional buttons or app features allows me to make sure that they aren’t over powering!

Becca says · 06.16.21

Hi Kate, can you tell me where your green dress in these photos is from? I love it the color & texture! ❤️

Kate says · 06.18.21

Yep, it’s from Gap !

Amira says · 09.10.21

Thank you for sharing!
Please let me know where you purchased your clothes rack…I love it! Thank you!