A few easy-to-use *favorite* makeup products!

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I genuinely enjoy the process of applying makeup, but when I was thinking about which products I wanted to feature in this makeup look, I picked a few of my “auto-pilot”, apply with your fingers, hard to mess up favorites.

You can watch a video about these products below, or scroll down to see a few photos of the process.

First up, the base is the most radiant, glowing base around town, and it provides the perfect (in my opinion) amount of coverage. I mixed Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation with the Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter. It created a stunning, radiant, healthy foundation that still allowed my freckles to show through.

I like my skin to look like real-life skin, so this combo was just exactly what I was looking for.

Here is a before:

And here is the after with the foundation + glow enhancer!

See how it just balances the face without making it look like I’m wearing a mask?

Another favorite, easy-to-use product is the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Shadow. I love Au Natural, as you probably know, but I went with Moonstone for this look because the metallic finish was exactly the look I wanted for my eyes. I find that metallic or shimmery eyeshadow looks so beautiful when used alone, and I knew I was keeping the eyes simple for this!

Finally, I finished with a swipe of Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balm in Crystal. It’s a sheer, glossy lip color that provides a hint of pink but a lot of hydration and gloss!

This look came together quickly and easily, thanks to the little use of brushes, and the kind of products that work so well on my skin. You can find all of these at Sephora!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.29.21

Love the look, it suits you! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lyndee Bourgault says · 05.05.21

Hi! Is the eyeshadow moonlight or intense moonlight? Thanks so much!

Connie Hancock says · 07.15.21

Was there ever an answer on this one? I’m looking tooo and don’t see Moonstone…

Rachel says · 07.17.21

I have the same question- what is the shade of eye shadow called?

agreso says · 05.05.21

Hi! Is the eyeshadow moonlight or intense moonlight? Thanks so much!

Debby Kramer says · 05.05.21

I don’t see the color moonstone on the SephoraWebsite for the Laura Mercier caviar stick…I do see one called moonlight though is that the one you used here?

Katherine says · 11.12.21

Are you wearing blush? If so what product?? Thanks!