What does Self-Care Mean to You?

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I think when people hear the term “self-care” a lot of people, especially women, think of face masks while sitting in a hot bath reading a book.

And for some, that is exactly what they would want to do if they needed to recharge at the end of the day. But for others? It’s going on a run, it’s organizing a pantry, or it’s spending time with a friend.

After a turbulent year, the need for taking care of ourselves is more essential than ever before. I’d argue to say it’s vital to your emotional and mental well-being. There are certain stages of life that foster an environment of abundant opportunities for self-care, and there are others where you don’t have a single minute to spare for yourself.

Amanda and I were speaking recently about self-care and hobbies. I think this conversation came up because we both shared that neither of us really have “hobbies” that we actively engage in within our lives right now. It’s difficult to find time for a hobby when you’re a working mom, which we both are. It’s hard to find time for a hobby if your job is in the home raising your kids. It’s hard to find time for a hobby if you have zero kids and a demanding schedule. It’s hard to find time for a hobby if you suffer from an illness.

So in thinking about the fresh start of a new year, I thought it would be timely to share what I’m doing to try to develop some hobbies or simply make time for things I enjoy next year.

It sounds incredibly elementary, but keep a list of things you enjoy doing. Make a note when you are doing them if you find that they bring you joy. If you’re presented with some free time, for whatever reason, it’s helpful to have a little list of the things that fill you up instead of defaulting to housekeeping tasks, errands, or life-sucking activities like a dentist appointment.

On my list are the following: 

I love cooking and baking (90% baking, 10% cooking)

I love exercising outside, including walks with friends

I like getting my nails done

I like to play the piano

I like to take photos of my kids


I hope it’s beneficial for you to think through the answer to the question: “What does self-care look like for you?”. And I hope you’re able to find a way to implement some of the things on that list in the new year.


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Annette says · 01.04.21

Hi, Happy New Year! Thank you for this simple reminder! I remember the time when life revolved around my kids. Loved it. And now, as I begin my chapter without kids, it’s nice to be able to pick back up some of my hobbies.

Michele says · 01.04.21

I think a piano tutorial is in order, Kate!!

Danielle says · 01.04.21

I’ve been following you for years and I don’t think I knew that you played the piano?! That’s awesome! Please play something for us! Happy New Year 🙂

Chelsea Finn says · 01.04.21

Thank you so much for sharing this! This year I’m definitely going to try and do more of the the things that I love and take time for self care.

Happy new year!

xx Chelsea

Ashley says · 01.04.21

I used to love reading in my youth, but I rarely read for pleasure. Plus, adding in children, there isn’t much time to myself except to SLEEP. Reading for pleasure is something I want to do more of in 2021.
However, I realized that I don’t need 30 min – 1 hr every night before bed to read. I downloaded an app through the local library, and now I can I read a book on my phone wherever I am. But I have to be honest, I would much rather hold the book in my hand 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.05.21

Thank you for this, Kate! Time to start thinking carefully… ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sarah O says · 01.06.21

I don’t think self care is something I have ever had a problem with. I make time every day to exercise , take a 30-45min walk in my neighborhood, drink a latte, take a shower/put on makeup and spend some time reading. The chores and errands are secondary to those things. lol I don’t know if that’s good or bad. But if I didn’t do those things I wouldn’t be in a good headspace for my family.

Karen Hobson says · 01.09.21

First of all, I didnt know you played piano. I play, too and love it!! Would love to hear you.
Second, we are empty nesters…husband is retired but I work full time and have a part time gig with Shipt and Instacart. Things I enjoy as often as possible are: massages, piano, reading, sitting on my porch to enjoy the quiet surroundings…we live on a farm with no close neighbors, and exercise – mainly walking.

Emily says · 01.09.21

Self care is so important! Especially as a mama. One of my new favorite ways to enjoy some self care is taking a hot shower at night after the kids go to bed. It helps to wash away the stress from the day!

Emily Lynch

KAREN Hobson says · 05.12.22

Would love to hear and/or see you play the piano!

Linda S. says · 01.18.23

I really appreciate your wisdom right now. I’m just coming out of an incredibly difficult life situation and needing “self care” in the way you describe…

Lesley says · 01.24.23

Glad you are being intentional about self care this year, Self care to me is actively listening to my mind and body to determine what is needed…a nice cup of tea in a quiet space, some loud laughter with friend, a long walk in the woods? Yes, please!

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