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Christmas Village

Just a heads up, you’re going to blink and it’ll be 2021. It’s coming, y’all.

How was your week? Justin and I started off the week with a lot of things on our to-do list but by today (Friday), it has slowed down to a nice, normal pace. We watched a Christmas movie with the boys on Wednesday night which was fun, and we’re celebrating David’s birthday this weekend!

This was my outfit of the day. You can shop for any of the outfits or items I share on Instagram by clicking here! My jeans are some of my very favorites from Madewell. Either this wash that I’m wearing or the Enmore Wash, are my most worn jeans in the past few months.

My top is Varley (I got mine on Amazon), the blazer is old from Abercrombie, and my sneakers that I’ve had for years are now on sale at Nordstrom Rack! A similar blazer can be found at J.Crew Factory!

A similar top, though thicker and longer with side zips, is this funnel neck pullover that I found at Target recently. I have it in black and really love it for a warm layer!

I talked about 3 makeup palettes on stories this week and I wanted to share them here as well! These are three of my personal favorites because they have nice warm, neutral shades and a good mix of shimmer and matte options. The only palette with matte only shadows is the Naked 2 basics palette.

The Tartlette in Bloom Palette and The Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette are the other two I mentioned! You can see a demo of the Tartlette in Bloom Palette here!

I have absolutely no need for this beautiful dining chair so I’m sharing it here so I can live vicariously through one of you who may buy this and enjoy it.

I love this stripe set of loungewear from Thread & Supply.

How cute is this sherpa for a little girl?

If you are trying to think of some “socially distanced” Christmas activities, I have a few ideas for you!

You can do a drive-by Christmas Scavenger Hunt using this cute printable.

The kids and I made two different Christmas/Winter treats recently. The Rice Krispies Treat Trees were really easy and the kids got a big kick out of decorating them with mini m&m’s for “lights”

Reindeer Chow would be fun to make for a Christmas movie at home, or even to bring along on the Scavenger Hunt!

Salt Dough ornaments are also easy and fun to make.

It’s been a few years but these easy Pinecone Bird Feeders are a fun and simple craft even for toddlers.


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Monica G. Bing says · 12.11.20

Your relationship with your husband sounds so boring. A debriefing? Wow, How romantic. Totally sounds like a business partnership than a marriage. Please don’t hand out marriage advice because this one isn’t good. Also you should size up in the white pants because the fabric that annoys you bunches up because the pants are TOO SMALL. We can see your panty outline.

Kate says · 12.11.20

I’m sorry that you are in a place in life where you think it’s appropriate to type out and send a comment like this.

Christine says · 12.25.20

As I was reading about how you and your husband reflect back on the year and look at what you want for the next year, I thought it was great. Love your outfits too. Merry Christmas.

Michele says · 12.12.20

Such strong feelings for someone who doesn’t use their real name.

Just sayin’…

Anne says · 12.12.20

Hi Kate! Those pants look fabulous on you! My husband and I also do “debriefings”, usually monthly, now that we have a baby and lots of other responsibilities to juggle. I think it’s totally romantic to be on the same page as my partner 😉

Thanks for being such a fun, positive light. I have been reading since before you had David (but never commented before), and have really enjoyed all of your content. Happy holidays!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.12.20

I love your outfit! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Cara says · 12.12.20

Link to bag?

Jana says · 12.13.20

Where is your bag from? Do you recommend?

Lindy says · 12.15.20

On your hair curling video, you say you don’t use much product, just flexible hairspray, because you want get 3 days wear. Then on your day 3 hair revival video you also say you don’t use much product, just flexible hairspray, because you are a product junkie on day 1. I am a little confused. Thanks I love your videos and Instagram stories. You are so upbeat and positive. It is refreshing. Just wish you weren’t a Duke fan. Just kidding!

agreso says · 12.23.20

Where is your bag from? Do you recommend?

Annette says · 12.23.20

I love your blog, and advice! You have provided inspiration and great product reviews. Keep up the great work and information!!❤️🌷

Annette says · 12.23.20

You provide inspiration and great product reviews. Keep up the great work and information!!❤️🌷