Giving Tuesday

Holiday Gifts from Small Businesses

There is no question that 2020 has been a hard year. On this Giving Tuesday, I wanted to share a few places I’ve committed to that perhaps may inspire you to give as well.

Feeding America: I was so proud when Home Chef partnered with Feeding America earlier this year when the pandemic was really starting to unfold in our country. I’ve committed to a monthly donation to Feeding America, but they also accept one time donations.

(local)Christian Life Home: This is an organization serving pregnant women between ages 10-23 in North Carolina since 1985. I’ve donated financially as well as gifted baby items that I no longer needed or received from a brand and didn’t use. As a mom, I cannot imagine a young girl being pregnant and not having support, so I’m happy to support this organization with a monthly donation.

(local) Brown Bag Ministry: This is a local organization that serves the homeless in my area. While volunteering in-person is challenging with COVID19 restrictions, there are other tangible ways to serve like filling up Christmas Gift Bags for homeless men in the area. I committed to an ongoing monthly donation but plan to fill some Christmas Gift bags and drop them off at a donation site.

Another idea and simple way to care for people this holiday season (or year-round) is to keep some granola bars, bottles of water, or basic toiletries in your car. It always breaks my heart when I see homeless men and women on the side of the street asking for money, and sometimes it’s unclear whether or not giving money is helpful or hurtful, so offering a few basic essentials (food, water bottle, toiletries, etc) may help in a safe way.

One of the things I really love about Justin is his generosity when he’s in situations like this. When he’s been approached at gas stations or fast-food restaurants he always offers to buy him or her a meal.

While there are constant needs for volunteers, donations, and more all year round, I appreciate the pause amongst gift buying during the holidays to look at where we can give back.


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Nance says · 12.01.20

Thank you for your commitment to give back in so many ways.

I love your blog and your kind and compassionate ways.

It feels good to give back.

Michele says · 12.01.20

I never thought of the basics in the car idea, but that’s a really thoughtful one that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. You’re right, you never know if the money is helpful or hurtful, but this is just a simple act of kindness that you now would be beneficial.

I tend to leave my charitable donations to other times of the year when charities experience a dry spell in donations, like March or April. I figure places get given tons and give out tons during the holiday season, but need exists all year, and giving at less popular times of the year can really help when donations are few and need is still high.

U Zacharias says · 12.01.20

Would love to put in a plug for another Raleigh area non-profit that’s well deserving of your attention on Giving Tuesday. Designed for Joy helps vulnerable women get back into the workforce by earning a living wage making beautiful leather bags and jewelry, among other amazing products.

Kate says · 12.01.20

Thank you!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.01.20

Thank you for this meaningful post! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sara Sisco says · 12.01.20

Thanks for sharing this! It is so important to support communities in need!
As a nonprofit professional, I just want to add that you should always ask the agency what they need or where they would like dollars sent…sometimes cash in hand is easier for the nonprofit (especially with covid) and sometimes goods are helpful too!
love the idea of little bags in the car to help out!

Amy says · 12.01.20

Great ideas! We keep long socks (a must for people on the streets) filled with a bottle of water and basic toiletries, plus one of those heat packs that you shake to get going. It is an easy way to help and give back!

Deb says · 12.01.20

During the cooler months, my middle school students and I are committed to carrying coats in plastic bags in our car trunks. With their parents, my kids bring coats to any solitary homeless WOMAN that they see on the streets our closeby large city.
Everyone wins here.

Katie says · 12.02.20

I am a long time reader and fan, and my stomach dropped when I saw a cousin of a crisis pregnancy center on your list.

I say this with respect and kindness: while I think it’s wonderful to provide services to young women/families with an unexpected pregnancy, I am dismayed at the lack of abortion inclusion in these offerings/they way it is discussed in their promotional videos.

Abortion is moral, and Christians obtain abortions at the same rate as every other demographic.

Abortion isn’t right for everyone, but it is right for some and to not include it when discussing options shows unfair bias/is lying in how the information presented is incomplete, and there are better organizations to support. <3

M says · 12.28.20

Yes, absolutely! Thank you for posting this comment.

Stel says · 12.03.20

Great ideas. In South Africa, I avoid giving to the innumerable number of people on the road – so many children! – as it can be unsafe and they often just sell anything for drug/drink money; so rather to the shelters or help centres. My son and I took 2L ice cream tubs filled with dog food to the local SPCA yesterday. These are handed out during community outreaches or given to kids walking miles to the SPCA with their dogs, to get care/food.

KB says · 12.03.20

Love seeing Christian Life Home on your list! I used to volunteer with a Raleigh pregnancy center and we would sometimes refer our clients there if it’s a good match for their needs. It’s such a great ministry doing really important work. I’ve considered volunteering there. You’ve reminded me to get back on to that. ❤️