Food Gifts to Ship or Make & Deliver Locally!

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In a time where eating out at restaurants has been limited, giving the gift of special food you can enjoy at home is kind of the best option. I rounded up a list of food gifts that you can ship all over the country to loved ones, and also included some options that you can make in your own kitchen to drop off locally.

To Order Online and Ship:

Sugarwish – my sister and I have been sending each other Sugarwish gifts for years! It’s a fun concept that allows the recipient to choose what they get in their box, and perfect to send to a loved one who you may not be able to see this year.

Giordanos Pizza (Chicago Style Deep Dish) – this is my favorite Chicago style pizza. And to be honest, it comes really close to being as good as what you would get in a restaurant. My mom gifted me a few of these last year and I just told her that I could love a few more this year as well!

Lou Malnati’s – it pains me to include this on this post but I hope you notice that it’s *below* Giordanos. Lou Malnati’s is another Chicago style pizza restaurant that you can also have shipped all over the country. My sister prefers it to Giordanos, which I find abhorrent, but it’s an option for those who enjoy really yeasty pizza crust. 

Home Chef – I’ve been doing Home Chef for years and talk about it very often on Instagram Stories. This is a fun gift to give to someone who has been wanting to try a food delivery service like this!

To Make at Home and Delivery Locally:

Vanilla Extract – you only need 2 ingredients and it gets better with time!

Herb Butter – the recipe for the compound butter on this post. I’ve made this before and it’s divine, though I did leave out the cayenne pepper.

Caramels – my mom makes these every holiday and they are “melt in your mouth” perfection.

Cinnamon Rolls – read through this recipe a few times before you dive in, and get ready to make multiple pans worth of rolls!

Pasta Sauce – a classic homemade marinara recipe.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.04.20

I love these ideas! Imo food gifts are the best, because they won’t go to waste! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Tracy Hyma says · 12.04.20

They all sound wonderful, we love Giordanos ! I’m gonna have to try your recipe for the caramels, they sound delish.
Have you heard of O & H Bakery, in Racine WI? They have a wonderful pastry called Kringle, that is divine. My mom often ordered it for us to have on Christmas morning. They come in several flavors, and they make an amazing food gift! I used to send them to my in-laws in FL. Just thought I’d share!

Hilary says · 12.04.20

Hot tip: Trader Joe’s sells those exact Kringles for a great price! They only have one flavor every season (I think right now might be almond?), but is a great option if you have a TJ’s nearby!

Jennifer says · 12.04.20

My husband is from Chicago. Amen to the Giordano’s pizza!

Rachel says · 12.04.20

Food gifts are so fun and these ideas are awesome! I often love to gift homemade cranberry almond or cinnamon apple granola at Christmas – when everyone is swimming in cookies, it’s nice to give a breakfast option that is a bit healthier and gluten-free. But this year, I’m thinking of some hot cocoa kits for porch dropoffs with homemade chocolate chip marshmallows 😉

Trisha Moller says · 12.04.20

Thank you Kate for making these gift lists.
Can you do one about inexpensive ($10 or less-ish) gifts for GIRLFRIENDS?
(Did you do one already and I just missed it?)

This year, in particular, my girlfriends and I are sending gifts to each other and having a Zoom party. We never did this before because we were overloaded with our family gift lists and doing so much stuff as wives/moms. But this year, we needed more cheer!
Any help is appreciated!

Michele says · 12.04.20

I’m a huge word nerd – thank you for the use of the word “abhorrent.”

It seriously made my day☺️

Anne says · 12.05.20

Had Lou Malnati’s for the first time tonight!! One of my friends saw it on Barstool and ordered a bunch of them!! Such a great gift idea!

Tracy Hyma says · 12.08.20

Yes! Thank you, I was going to mention that, but I felt my comment was getting too long, lol. I already have a couple of them in the freezer for the holidays 🙂 They are amazing!

Tammie Kicul says · 12.08.20

See I want that pizza in CANADA!!! Please make it happen Kate!! 🇨🇦🥰🙌🏻

sweet potato says · 12.23.20

See I want that pizza in CANADA!!! Please make it happen Kate!! 🇨🇦🥰🙌🏻