Neutral Nail Polishes for Fall

DIY Lash Extensions : my thoughts and experience!

One.   Two.   Three.   Four.   Five.   Six.   Seven.   Eight.   Nine

In the fall and spring, I’m all about soft + neutral shades on my nails. I had fun wearing really bright pink polish in the summertime this year, but as soon as September hit I shifted gears back towards my personal favorite: Lisbon Wants Moor. I usually get dip powder nails when I go to the nail salon, and this shade is always a hit. It’s a nice cream with a touch of pink. This would also be beautiful on a wedding day!

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September Lullaby says · 10.01.20

I love Essie and neutral colors in general so this post was made for me 😉 My favorite is Ballet Slippers 🙂

Ashley says · 10.01.20

Beautiful nude colors! Sometimes I like to pick nail colors based on their names!

Cari Detwiler says · 10.01.20

Recently, I have been loving Color Street for an at home manicure, have you ever tried them? My favorite neutral is Havana Honey ☺️

carrie says · 10.05.20

Pretty! Source for Apple watch band? 🙂

Natalie Ann Redman says · 10.12.20

These nail colours are gorgeous!

Naomi says · 10.13.20

I’m the person you will never see with brightly nail polish!
Your choice looks very gentle!

Robbin says · 10.20.20

Wow!! So pretty and beautiful. Liked it so much. Thanks for sharing!!