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My 3 Most Used Cream Eyeshadows

Ever since I got into makeup, I’ve always focused on my lashes. I think for me, especially growing up in the shadow of my sisters’ glorious lashes (literally. they literally cast a shadow they are so long and thick.), lashes have always made such a big difference in how open my eyes look.

So I’ve tried a handful of serums and products, I endlessly try new mascaras, and I’ve tried lash lifts and false lashes too. I broke it all down in the video below!

A few quick bullet point details + helpful links:

-Read my blog posts about Lash Lifts here and here!

-Read my blog post about Lashify here!

-I’ve used Latisse at two different times in my life. It works for me but the side effects of dry eyes and a slight darkening of my eyelid aren’t worth it. I was also able to see really great results from other serums and conditioners.

-I’ve also used Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and it did not work for me at all (I lost a lot of lashes)

Products mentioned in the video:

NeuLash Enhancing Serum – a serum that you apply onto the base of your lashes on your upper eyelid. This helps support and promote long, strong, healthy lashes.

NeuBrow Enhancing Serum – a serum that you apply to your eyebrows to help promote hair growth.

GrandeRepair Leave-in Lash Conditioner – this made a huge difference in the thickness and general condition of my lashes!

GrandePrimer Pre-Mascara Eyelash Primer – takes a bit of practice but adds a great deal of density and length to my lashes pre-mascara.

Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extension Fibers – these may be a bit fussy to some, but if you are looking to add dramatic thickness, try using lash fibers like these.

I hope this video was helpful if you are exploring eyelash growth products! There is a lot out there to choose from, at a variety of price points as well, and I just wanted to share what has worked for me!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.28.20

Thanks for the tips! I’ve never tried lash serum before! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Christine says · 10.28.20

I wondered why you don’t use Grande Lash serum since you use the conditioner and primer. Just wondered.

Kate says · 10.29.20

Great question! I’ve used Neulash in the past and saw great results! Once I run out of Neulash I’m going to try the Grande serum!

Sarah says · 10.28.20

Do you have a favourite mascara?

Kellee says · 10.28.20

R+F Lash Boost may not have worked for you, but there are hundreds of thousands of people that love it!

Memzie says · 11.10.20

I used it and saw dramatically longer lashes within a couple of weeks… Unfortunately, there was a cost. As soon as I stopped using it (maybe 5-6 months later) I lost a ton of lashes at once. It took them about a year to recover and start growing to their usual length and volume.

Natalie says · 01.24.21

I’m having the same experience as you described with the NeuLash product. I’ve been using 5-6 months and all of a sudden experiencing increased lash loss. I’ve stopped using it and hoping that works to prevent further loss. Any insight as to how long your lash loss occurred and suggestions to encourage growth? Now I’m hesitant to try any serums. Thanks!

Katie says · 10.29.20

R+F lash serum darkened my eyelids. 🙁 I now use Revitalash conditioner and their mascara. I have seen amazing results with no damage. I may try some of your other suggestions.

Kate says · 10.29.20

Thanks for sharing these!!


Carol Becker says · 11.01.20

Interesting post. I hesitate to take eyelash advice from someone who historically has not attractive lashes… short, clumpy looking. Also got a chuckle out of “if I go out for a run”. Um yea!

Kate says · 11.01.20

not sure why going for a run is funny…?

Memzie. says · 11.10.20

You are mean.

Shelly says · 11.29.20

Wow. Totally unnecessary to be rude. People like you are what’s wrong with our country today. I think Kate looks fabulous, lashes and all!

eliza says · 11.03.20

Is there anything similar for eyebrows? Is that a thing?

Kate says · 11.04.20

Yes NeuLash makes a product called NeuBrow!

Breanna says · 11.19.20

Great review. Your lashes really look great! I’m thinking of Grande Conditioner to try on

Kelly says · 01.13.21

Kate mentioned virtue hair oil in a story. Can you send a link? I recently went through chemo and would love to try something that makes my hair grow faster! Thank you!

Alexi Doloughty says · 01.15.21

Hi! Here’s a link! Also at so many retailers, too!

Lucie says · 04.23.21

Just watched your video and loved all the info! Just wondering where you purchase the NeuLash and NeuBrow? Not finding them on Amazon. Thanks!!

Kate says · 04.23.21


Maria Moreno says · 02.28.22

I love reading your blog, thank you it is very useful. I use dermalmd eyelash serum, and it has been a success, they are more populated and strengthened, they have not caused me any adverse effects.

Erin says · 04.19.22

Hi! Do you know why eye lashes fall out when you use certain serums? I’ve now tried a few as well and they all seem to make my eye lashes fall out after a while. 🙁

Melissa Bowman says · 04.20.22

Have you tried Dime or Babe Lash? My sister is a stylist and got me Babe Lash and it took a bit but wow!!