What is Your Personal Style?

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Would you be able to answer this question?

Without a doubt, different seasons of our life mandate a different wardrobe. When I worked behind the chair in the salon, I dressed up every day. I dressed professionally, and stylish, wearing some kind of heel or boot with every outfit.

When I started the blog, I was still working full time so I often would do a lot of my writing and computer work in my robe, either late at night or very early in the morning.

I stopped working in the salon shortly before I had my first son, and dove headfirst into developing The Small Things Blog into what it is today! So for nearly 7 years, this site and the social channels have been my sole career. The wardrobe has fluctuated a bit, but in the last year or so, I’ve really developed my personal style to be something that effortlessly moves from work to play, since so much of my day requires that I wear more than one hat.

If I had to describe my style in a few words I would say: Comfortable, classic, and simple pieces that can mix and match effortlessly.

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I love filling my wardrobe with neutrals because they are classic and timeless. I usually wear the same shoes over and over as well, so I always stick with neutrals in that category as well. I prefer simple outfits that are lightweight since it doesn’t get terribly cold where I live. More often than not, I reach for jeans and a tee for my daily outfit. Since I know that I feel most comfortable in that style of outfit, I’ve found a few great quality jeans and classic tees to fill my wardrobe with.

I love that lightweight delicate gold jewelry is on-trend right now because it’s easy to just layer up a few necklaces and bracelets and feel pulled together. And I have a few jumpsuits that I reach for when the mood strikes, and love how comfortable yet chic they look.

In the process of figuring out what I like to wear, I’ve also narrowed down a list of clothes I tend *not* to wear. Personally, I don’t love wearing cardigans, scoop neck tops, and anything with too voluminous of a sleeve. I always am drawn to pictures of sweaters with balloons sleeves but when I try them on I hate how they look on me.

As much as I try, I also am not a huge black denim kind of gal. Again, it’s one of those looks that I’m always drawn to, but I rarely feel comfortable wearing them myself.

My color palette in the cooler months is neutrals: black, grey, army green, cream, and white. If I’m feeling like I want a colorful “moment” in an outfit, I may switch up my bag to something a little brighter. Or I’ll grab a bright red lipstick!

In figuring out my personal style, I’ve been able to make smarter choices about what I add into my closet, and what I don’t buy as well. I’m excited to pull out some of my favorite pieces from last fall and winter because then still fit in perfectly with this mood board of my wardrobe inspiration! Getting dressed for the day is easy because I’m pulling from pieces that I feel totally like myself in.

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Dawn says · 09.08.20

Great post! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve longingly looked at some balloon-sleeved sweatshirt/sweater whatever only to realize…..um…no…not for me. Why does it look so cute on other people?? I don’t understand.

Roz says · 09.08.20

What’s your favorite way to prevent layered necklaces from tangling? I’ve tried the gadget designed to attach multiple necklaces and (supposedly) prevent tangling…but they still tangle! Help!

Kate says · 09.09.20

I just don’t have this problem much! I probably straighten them out a few times during they day but generally they don’t tangle very often!

Cathryn says · 09.08.20

I appreciate your simplicity and the accessibility of your wardrobe selections. I bought the Chicos denim jacket because it looked so good on you and am so happy with it.

Geralin Franchina says · 09.09.20

This is such a helpful post! Thank you!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.09.20

I love the pieces you picked, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Alicia says · 09.09.20

Maybe you’ll talk about this on your intagram this week, but any suggestions on how someone can narrow down their own personal style? Any questions to ask yourself? Comparing what you already have in your closet to what you gravitate towards often? Any tips?

Michele says · 09.09.20

Is “find something you like and flatters you and buy every solid color and conceivable print in which it is available” a personal style?

If so, then yes – yes I have a personal style😂

Kate says · 09.09.20

Sounds like me too 😉

Kim says · 09.09.20

I needed this post. At 32 I feel like I have yet to find my “true style” – but things you said resonated with me. Time to go purge my closet of styles that I like when I see it but when I try to wear it, I’m not happy. Thank you for sharing this post 😀

Amanda says · 09.09.20

I see separates I love, buy them, then realise they are a random jumble because nothing goes!! I think a capsule wardrobe would work well for people like me. Do you think using a stylist is beneficial to achieving this?

Kate says · 09.09.20

It certainly could be! I’ve used and loved Trunk Club for a long time and would recommend exploring that!

Ramona says · 09.09.20

My style leans towards bohemian. But I do own many classic pieces as well. When shopping I tend to choose versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down (depends on your shoes/accessories) I know my fabrics; I know my colors. My budget is low, but sometimes I score great vintage finds in thrift stores. Being tall, I sometimes have trouble finding clothes. I love viewing Blogs, Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. The thrill of the hunt! Some trends work for me but not all (which is fine because I’m not 20 anymore!) My advice is: Confidence is the most flattering thing you can wear. If you are happy with your personal style, your clothes fit well and are well taken care of…you will shine! 😉

Rachel says · 09.09.20

I follow April at StunningStyle.com and she teaches about a lot what you just said! Something else that she says that really resonated with me is to have your wardrobe accurately represent who you are, that way people are more likely to interact with you in a way that works with your personality. e.g. If you are a direct, no-nonsense person, wearing clothes that “advertise” this about you will benefit you because people will know what to expect when they talk to you.

Cynthia Martin says · 09.09.20

If I bring in one item into my closet, I take one out! I love navy….such a classic color.

Keri says · 09.09.20

I never see you with a handbag. Would you mind sharing your favorites?

Leann says · 09.10.20

But how many articles of clothing should you have? What’s too much? What’s not enough?

Kate says · 09.10.20

That’s kind of hard to answer! It’s really a personal choice, I think.

Michelle says · 09.10.20

Love this post and feel like I am your long lost style sister! Great post!

Caren Ambrose says · 03.29.21

My personal style can be described by the words: I wore the first thing I got out of the closet. And I prefer to wear something similar to what is shown in the pictures (except shoes, I prefer sneakers). And I also have quite a little jewelry – but I’m slowly fixing that and learning to match it with my clothes.