My Weekly Personal Microderm Routine (and why I love it)

August/September Beauty Favorites

I love getting into routines with certain beauty processes and my Saturday Personal Microderm routine is something I genuinely look forward to every week. I always feel like I have brand new skin, in the best way possible, after I use it. It’s also a nice kick-off to a weekend when I usually go lighter on my makeup anyway.

I’ve been using The Personal Microderm every week for several months now and I can notice an improvement in my skin’s texture and I believe a few dark spots are fading as well! On top of the long term benefits of this microdermabrasion tool, the short term benefit of getting a weekly deep exfoliation for skincare products to sink deeper, and dry skin to be removed is so nice.

In case you are brand new to this device, the Personal Microderm is a vacuum suction + exfoliation tool that you use on your face (or body!) in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and blemishes. Regular exfoliation encourages dark spots to fade as well, and generally takes off the top layer of dead skin so your skincare products can work to their best ability!

PMD includes a diagram of how to use the device in their product package, and it’s really important to follow the map as closely as possible. It’s never good to pull down or out on your skin, so following the guidelines of moving the tool upwards while pressing just enough for the vacuum to create suction will give you the best results.

Like I said earlier, the immediate results are glowing and radiant skin. I took a quick before and after in front of a mirror so you can see how much more vibrant my skin looks after using the Personal Microderm last Saturday.



It looks brighter and more radiant, doesn’t it?

PMD recently launched a cordless device, The Personal Microderm Elite Pro, which is what I’ve been using most recently, and I’m so impressed with the quality. The battery life also lasts for months when you only use it once a week.

Each device comes with multiple exfoliation discs so you can work your way up to a stronger and deeper microdermabrasion process. As you feel more comfortable, you can adjust your tool based on your skin’s needs.

While I share a lot of “DIY” beauty through my website and social channels, I’m also pretty candid about what I think should be left to the professionals. If you follow the directions with the Personal Microderm, I think you can get a really great exfoliation and deep clean!

This post is sponsored by PMD. 


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Angel says · 09.23.20

Aw man. You clearly lightened up the second photo to mimic an improvement. How much were you paid to lie?

Kate says · 09.23.20

Hi Angel, I made no adjustments to the photos. I stood in front of the same window, just a few minutes after the first photo was taken, right after my treatment + moisturizer.

Phoebe says · 09.24.20

I suggest you stand in the second spot more often. Not only is your face brighter so is your shirt and the background is more appealing.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.23.20

Thanks for the review! Glad to know the Microderm is working great for you! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Katie says · 09.23.20

Can you recommend a good toner to use after?

Melissa says · 09.23.20

How long does it take you to do your face? The product info says don’t stay on 1 area, to keep the tool moving… but I also want to make sure I am being thorough! Thank you!

Lindsey says · 09.23.20

Beautiful as always! Thank you for the share!

Kim says · 09.24.20

Thank you for the tutorial and review. Do you have a discount code to order?

kim forbes says · 09.24.20

Awesome! I will have to look into this. My skin has been looking very sallow, drab and blah, like no life to my skin. Will this help with that? Thanks!

Keri says · 09.26.20

I just received mine and ready to give it a try! My skin has been pretty dull lately so I’m excited to give this a try! Can you share what products you used on your skin after using the PMD? I’ve heard it’s important to moisturize and add products back on the skin soon after using this product.

Amy says · 09.29.20

Is the only difference between the elite and pro is the cord?

alexa says · 12.06.21

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