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3 Products I am Loving from Sephora

Did this week feel like a marathon to you too? It was a very full week and I could not be happier that it is Friday! My parents are here visiting and the boys have their first soccer game tomorrow morning!

Lauren rounded up her favorite kitchen things in this post!

I’ve already found myself reaching for my utility jacket from Amazon Essentials so much, and now I’m considering adding this water-resistant puffer jacket into the mix as well!

I have a new underwear love! You can read more about my some of my favorite intimates on this post, but I have to tell you that the underwear I find myself grabbing out of my drawer more often than not is one of these paper-thin high rise briefs by Chantelle. They are extremely lightweight, and as someone who does not like wearing thongs, these are a great option for a no-show thin layer.

I love my true and co bra’s for when I want a really comfortable, “feels like nothing” bra, and their new true body “lift” bra with convertible straps is wonderful. I’ve only had it a few days but the lift/support is noticeably better than their other styles, and I love that there is a little hook on the back to convert the bra into a racerback!

Speaking of bras, I bought this bra from Amazon and love it! It’s a built-in shelf bra with a crop tank and it’s great for anything from riding the bike to yoga to weight lifting! And the price is fantastic as well!

I got a new heart rate monitor to use when I run as well as when I ride my bike. It’s the Scosche Rhythm+. It came highly recommended from the Facebook group that I’m in for the Peloton and it works perfectly! I love that it is worn on my forearm instead of around my ribcage and the pink strap is fun too.

If you are transitioning your clothes from Summer to Fall, this post may help!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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Jen says · 09.26.20

Hi Kate! So appreciate your great blog! Been a follower for a couple years now. I had a content suggestion for you…since our water so profoundly affects our hair and skin, I think lots of ladies would find a post on shower head filters incredibly useful + something they may not have considered as part of their beauty routine. Just a thought! Keep up the great work!

Lauren says · 09.30.20

Oh good! I’ve been needing a replacement for the Sloggi ones I fell in love with! Still kicking myself for not buying like 10 when they were finally in stock in my size!