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Nothing excites me more on the makeup front these days than a cream blush. I’ve been singing the praises of cream blush for months (years maybe?) because it just lasts so much longer on the skin and looks like a natural flush. I tend to be heavy-handed with my blush and cream blush allows me to get the depth of pigment I want with a finish that matches a medium coverage, natural finish foundation.

To break it down, since I prefer lightweight foundations these days, I like a blush that blends well with the finish of a natural-looking foundation. Conversely, when I used to prefer a full coverage makeup look, powder blush was able to give me the color I wanted with a flawless, matte finish!

My most used blushes these days are pictured above, with the Patrick Ta duo being one of my very favorites.

NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm. This is liquid, not cream, but since it isn’t a powder, I thought I’d include it in here anyway. I like to dot a little bit of it onto the back of my hand, then press a brush into the liquid. I’ll blend it onto my cheeks with a brush. I’ve used my fingers to apply as well, but I prefer the finish of a brush!

FENTY BEAUTY Cheeks Out Cream Blush in Strawberry Drip and Crush on Cupid. These were a discovery after seeing them on a beauty YouTuber. I love the formula and at $20 each, I find them to be a good price compared to the other two brands I have in the photo. I use a brush to apply with these blushes as well! They are pigmented and bright, and truly a great option, especially if you have a darker complexion or skin tone.

Patrick Ta Double Take Creme and Powder Blush. This has been my go-to since I received it in a mailer from Sephora (since I’m a part of the #SephoraSquad, I sometimes receive gifted products). I have the shade “That Girl” which is what I certainly would have chosen if I bought it for myself. The creme part of the duo is easy to apply, and similar in texture to the Fenty Cheeks Out blushes, and the powder blush is pigmented and sets so nicely into the creme. I like to use the same brush for applying both. It’s easy to get a great amount of color and pigment from this blush duo, and I love that you can also use each side individually.


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Amy Graves says · 08.05.20

Have you tried Honest Beauty cream blush? I love it.

Michele Brown says · 08.05.20

I’ve been eyeing the Patrick Ta blushes, and they are now re-stocked online at Sephora. Yay!! 🙂

Michele says · 08.05.20

I’ve enjoyed trying cream blushes a lot lately. Since I didn’t want to try it using expensive brands, I have two drugstore brands a go. They look SO bright in the package, but are so natural looking. My only problem with the Maybelline one is that it is described as liquid, but it really more of a gel that took me a hot minute to figure out. I feel like these are awesome for travel – as someone who prefers to pack light, not having a brush and just using my fingers is a huge win. I’ve also found them to be a lot more forgiving in their colors on the skin, unlike powder, which tends to be more particular on me (if that makes any sense)

Hilary says · 08.05.20

I bought the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb’s as a dupe for the Glossier cloud paint. No idea if they’re dupes- I’ve never tried the cloud paints- but I love it! Really easy to apply and good color pay off (and the right price!)

Catherine R. says · 08.07.20

Are these okay for oily skin? I have been curious about liquid and cream blush but have been concerned about the sliding off back of my oily skin. Any input would be appreciated!

Kate says · 08.07.20

If you have oily skin, I would make sure to use a primer before applying, and set it with a powder blush to make sure it stays put!