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A few weeks ago I shared a bit about this coffee maker on Instagram stories. I’ve since gotten a few follow up questions about it, so I wanted to create a landing place for a quick reference in case you are in the market. This is an expensive coffee maker, and certainly not something I bought without a great deal of thought and research.

Why did I replace my Keurig with this machine?

I wanted to get away from the pods with the Keurig. And yes, I do know that there is a reusable container to fill with your own coffee of choice when using the Keurig, but it was messier and more tedious than I liked. I also wanted a machine that ground the beans directly before making the coffee for the best taste.

Why did you decide on this machine?

I liked that this machine could do shots of espresso, long coffee, drip coffee, milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. It can also make iced coffee that isn’t watered down!

Do you like it? Are you happy with your purchase?

I love this machine. The coffee it makes is fresh, rich, and so good. I don’t play around with many other coffee drinks much, but I use the “over ice” feature and “drip coffee” feature very regularly.

Any cons or things you don’t like?

It’s loud and the water reservoir is small. When it needs to be descaled, which is quite often in my case, that process is about 45 minutes long and requires a lot of your attention. These are small cons but nothing that wasn’t expecting based on my extensive google research before making the purchase!

You can shop for the De’Longhi Dinamica here!


A few other links + loves:

I made these green beans this past week (for the second time) and was reminded about just how GOOD they are. The pesto is so flavorful.

Justin and I watched The Outpost last week. It’s a powerful, sad, and heavy war movie.

A list of fun pool floats!

I got this phone holder recently and really love it. It’s streamlined with a solid base, and holds the phone very securely!

I love the cuff and pockets on these casual pull-on shorts.

A very flattering black and white stripe tank.

The most trendy style of tank for summer 2020, for $8 at Target! 


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Sarah says · 07.31.20

Curious if you use distilled water in your coffee maker? We found by switching to using only distilled water in the reservoir we rarely have to descale our machine. Yours might be different, but just thought I would mention it.

Brie says · 07.31.20

Thanks for writing this! What brand of coffee beans do you use in your machine? I understand dark roast beans shouldn’t be used because they are too oily, but my favorite is Starbucks espresso roast. Not sure what I should try if I buy this.

Pamela Webreck says · 07.31.20

I love the fact that you were concerned about the waste involved with using the pods. Thank you!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.01.20

Thanks for the links! Hope you have a great weekend, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stacy says · 08.01.20

What type of coffee beans do you use?

Kim says · 08.01.20

Your tips on your coffee machine helped me make the perfect cup on mine. Even though it’s not a delonghi mine has the same features. Who knew café longe x2 was what I needed?! Thanks for changing my morning coffee!

Jana says · 08.02.20

Hi! I’m sure in your research you saw the less expensive De’Longhi machine (the Magnifica). Can you tell me what features specifically this coffee machine has that the Magnifica didn’t have? The Magnifica is closer to what I’m able to spend…so very curious what made you splurge on the model you got rather than the Magnifica. Thanks!!

Ummay Salma says · 12.28.20

I am much satisfied using the De’Longhi Dinamica automatic coffee & espresso machine. In my opinion, the cons can be negligible compared to the features & amenities of this machine.

Kelly McLaughlin says · 11.24.21

Are you still in love with the DeLonghi coffee machine?

Staci Klaus says · 12.29.21

Your review of this machine is super helpful! One day in the future, would you be willing to show on your stories just how loud it is? Is it simply the bean grinding process that’s loud? Or also the brewing?