links + small things

links + small things

It’s been a very busy week around here, with more video-related shooting than usual! I always wildly underestimate how much time and detail goes into shooting videos but it’s Friday(!) and I have a bottle of Biltmore Chardonnay waiting for me to open up at 5:00pm.

We’re making plans for tackling the academic year with our kids (and it’s looking different every dang day), David lost one of his front teeth and now looks like a 5th grader to me, and Emily has been exploring the use of the word “no” and “why”, in true 2-year-old fashion.

I feel like I’ve been kind of holding my breath until “things get back to normal” from all the changes that were rapidly made when Coronavirus struck, but my face is starting to turn blue and I’m feeling faint. I am coming to terms with the need to pivot my mindset on what “normal” is going to look like. The fall is starting to look a lot like what the summer has looked for us. Could it be worse? Absolutely. I’m grateful for the few freedoms and options that we have, but I’m trying to put in practice the idea of doing my best while in the middle of this crisis, instead of hanging on by the tips of my fingers until it’s over.

It has certainly not been a season of thriving. And I’m weary of not feeling like I’m on top of things in my life right now. There’s grace, of course, but there are also tangible things I can do to feel more empowered and stronger to do my best during this crazy season.

Andreea is back with another makeup mistakes video, going deep into common eyeliner mistakes! I learned a lot while watching, you should check it out!

Are you curious about how I light my videos? Read this!

I got these comfy shorts from Aerie and they are such a great find at about $26!

Did you catch my wrapped bun tutorial on Instagram?

I bought one Caraway pan to replace an older pan with chipping Teflon and I LOVE it. The quality is great, it has a really nice weight to it, and the non-stick nature of the pan is incredibly effective.

This looks like such a comfortable pullover for cooler evenings in the fall.

A nice, thin layering tank. And I love the black detail from this tank!

I hope you have a nice weekend!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.24.20

I think most of us are trying to grasp the ‘new normal’ – whatever it is! Stay safe, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Ashley says · 07.24.20

Well, I clicked on the cute pullover and fell down a rabbit hole of Amazon fashion. Thanks, I think?!?

At any rate, I just wanted to chime in and say I feel ya with this new quarantine life, which is apparently here to stay for a good while. Hang in there. Sending hugs.

Pam Webreck says · 07.27.20

I so appreciate your honesty and insight. Please continue to tell us of ways in which you are coping during these times. I admire your ability to stay positive. Thank you.

Andrea Foresman says · 06.21.21

Hi Kate,
Did you end up liking your Caraway pan? I seem to remember the bottom staining or somethings? We’re looking for high end, cool looking cookware and are overwhelmed with the choices!