Winter Boots

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Growing up in Northern Illinois meant you had to have winter boots for wintertime. In fact, as a child, I remember packing my sneakers in my backpack so I could wear my boots to school, trekking through the snow, and then I’d change into my sneakers when I got there.

You needed winter boots to get around!

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I called my shoes tennies, not sneakers, as an adolescent! Anyone else?!

Even though I live in a climate that doesn’t get piles of snow, it seems to be more regular than not that we get at least one “decent” snow a year. More than snow we get ice, so having winter boots with good grip is kind of a necessity here as well.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine

I’ve loved my Sperry boots that I got a few years ago. They are very comfortable, warm, and are easy to walk in!

As far as socks go, I love Smartwool for really cold days. They aren’t terribly thick but they keep your toes nice and warm.

The GLOBALWIN boots are a great price and come pretty highly reviewed. These would be a great option for those of you that live in quite snowy climates.

I’m not currently in the market for a new pair, as I still have and love my Sperry’s from last year, but if I was I have to say the poppy red shoelace from this boot is catching my eye!

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Sydni Jackson says · 11.20.19

I have similar Sperry’s and love them!! They’re not too bulky so you can wear them around if you’ll be walking a lot. And so cute!

Kate says · 11.20.19

I know I love that!

Kaitlyn B says · 11.20.19

Love my Sperry snow boots!

Katie says · 11.20.19

I grew up in Wisconsin, now living in St. Louis. Tennies all the way! 🙌

Sheila says · 11.20.19

I love my LL Bean boots! I think they will outlast me. They were worth the duty as I’m Canadian!

Erin says · 11.20.19

Omg YES! I was just talking about this the other day. I called them tennis shoes, or tennies. 😂 From Michigan!

Aileen says · 11.20.19

In Texas we call them tennis shoes.

Colleen says · 11.20.19

🙋🏼‍♀️Tennies – from Pittsburgh!

Laura says · 11.20.19

Smart Wools socks are a must if you live in the North and they come in different thicknesses!
I grew up in Virginia and never needed winter clothes- we used to wear socks on our hands when it snowed- no snow boots , plastic bags to cover our socks and we’d use trash bags to sled on 😂 now I live in the North and have All The Snow Gear. I too call sneakers tennis shoes and when I walked into a shoe store and said I needed new tennis shoes they told me they didn’t carry them- you can imagine my surprise – of course they thought I meant actual shoes for tennis.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.21.19

Cute boot suggestions! I need a new pair for winter and these are great! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Longtimefollowerlaura says · 11.22.19

Love your posts! Thank you!
Was wondering about the global win boots was looking at them, just not a huge amazon fan. I call basically all sneakers a “tennis shoe” as well LOL 😂

Jhon says · 10.30.21

Good boots for the snow