November Wardrobe Edit

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I enjoy the process of putting together an outfit, finding versatile pieces to add to my closet, and hopefully help you figure out what to wear every now and then. I kicked off a Fall Style Guide a few months ago but to be completely honest I lost all steam in that project almost immediately.

I’m not a capsule wardrobe kind of person. I am also not someone who enjoys the challenge of trying to come up with as many different outfits as possible using the same few items.

I learned that I’d rather repeat an outfit I felt comfortable in more than once, instead of mixing and matching items that didn’t feel authentic to what I would actually wear.

So I’m going to pivot a bit and share a few of my favorite pieces, outfits, and accessories for the upcoming month.

For November I’m focusing on sweaters, pointed-toe footwear, dark denim, and floral dresses. The colors I’m drawn to are purples, camel, grey, and black. I don’t know if you’ve started wearing turtlenecks again but I’m thrilled that they made a comeback this year. I have a tissue-thin black one that I’ve worn a handful of times already, and added a thicker cream one to the mix more recently.

I’ve also been drawn to mock neck or ruffled collar tops. They feel a little fancier than usual but can still be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with paperbag waist pants and pumps for an office look, or just throw on a blouse with jeans and booties for a more casual look.

As far as denim goes, I’ve been drawn to a darker wash for the colder months. I love Madewell denim, as you well know by now, but I’ve also seen some great dark wash denim at J.Crew.

I’ve been on the hunt for cotton sweaters and it’s surprisingly a little harder than I thought! I love the look and fit of the Everlane cashmere crew neck sweater but it’s too itchy for me to wear! I’ve found a few beautiful non-itchy sweaters at Old Navy, Target, and J.Crew Factory.

I’ve been wearing my Laney pumps SO much this fall. They are so comfortable and go with anything. Beyond those, I’m likely to slip on my Vince shoes or a grey ankle boot with nearly any outfit!

Finally, I’ve added two floral dresses with sleeves to my wardrobe this season. I *love* a dress with sleeves because it is a one-piece outfit. No need to mess with what jacket or sweater goes with the dress, or possibly cramming short or ruffled sleeves into a jacket.

So these are my picks for the month of November. As always, I’ll share some of my favorite outfits on Instagram or Instagram Stories to be sure to follow along over there!


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Andrea says · 11.04.19

This is so great. I just got a pair of paper bag waist pants and was not sure how to wear/style them.

Chris says · 11.04.19

Oh Kate! I’m in love! I’ve been following you forever (you were still doing hair and it was well before the kids) and you’ve never led me astray….so I finally got my first pair of Madewell Roadtripper jeans after reading about you and Lauren both raving about them and OMG! I was so in love after putting on my first pair that I immediately ordered a second pair in black! Thank you!

Kate says · 11.04.19

They really are great! Glad to hear this!

Shannon says · 11.04.19

I cannot stand an itchy sweater. lol. Love love gingham and I agree, more outfits you feel great it and want to wear all of the time!

Mary says · 11.04.19

It’s getting more difficult to find 100% cotton. I have sensitive skin, eczema and run warm so I prefer cotton. Wool, cashmere and polyester (never!) make me cringe. Every site I shop on I type in 100% cotton.

Julia says · 11.04.19

Love this!!! This is totally way more helpful than a capsule wardrobe.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.05.19

Love your picks this November! I’ve been drawn to floral dresses with sleeves all fall too! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

dubliner in deutschland says · 11.05.19

Nice picks. Would love to see you trying on the different outfits!

Kate says · 11.05.19

I do that quite often on IG stories 🙂 Hope you can follow along there!

Kate Lately says · 11.05.19

I love your choices and to answer your question, YES! I love a turtleneck and am wearing one right now!

K A T E L A T E L Y //×30-the-results/

Kaitlyn B says · 11.05.19

Your hair is getting so long! Love this idea rather than the fall wardrobe! I really like all of the pieces you picked for November.

Liz says · 11.05.19

I couldn’t agree more about not loving a capsule wardrobe. I am the same way and wear the same outfits over and over. Thanks for all the great tips!

Chris says · 11.06.19

Me too! I’d rather wear the same thing 10 times that I love than try to wear something I’m uncomfortable in! And as I sit here in those new Madewell Roadtripper jeans I have feeling these will be one of those things….lol (Although getting used to the high waist after all those years of mid rise IS an adjustment! LOL)

Laurel says · 11.05.19

Disappointed there aren’t pictures of you wearing the items. I watch your IG stories but it would be nice for it to be in one place.

Kate says · 11.05.19

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to share photos in my December edit next month!

Sherry says · 11.05.19

The floral top on Amazon keeps saying unavailable. Is there another option?

Kate says · 11.05.19

I don’t believe there is any other place to purchase it, unfortunately! If it comes back in stock I’ll try to update!

Anne says · 11.05.19

I’ve tried the capsule wardrobe thing and I always seem to fail at it and just go back to my old favorites too! I appreciate you explaining your thought process behind switching to monthly favorites, it makes me feel better about never being able to manage a capsule wardrobe 🙂

Jenny says · 11.06.19

Thank you for this, Kate. Lovely. Any chance of a ‘cold weather accessories edit’ post please? It is already freezing in the evenings where I live. 🙂

Lindsay Davis says · 11.06.19

Yay!!! I’ve missed this! Love it when you share outfit tips and planning!!

Lindsay says · 11.17.19

What gray booties are in the first pic? They look like a smaller heel than the ones linked in the post.

Ashley says · 12.22.19

Where did you get your family photo dress and shoes? Love them