Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for Him

No. 01 UPS pullback truck, No. 02 Fire HD kids edition, No. 03 Richard Scary’s A Day at the Fire Station, No. 04 Inflatable jump n’ slide bounce house, No. 05 Glow sticks, No. 06 Curious Chef kit, No. 07 Quix model rocket starter kit, No. 08 PROGRACE kids smartwatch, No. 09 mini trampoline, No. 10 Kidizoom cameraNo. 11 Smart Train starter set, No. 12 Kiwi Crate kit, No. 13 Magna-Tiles set (similar)

You may find more extensive gift guides for kids out there on the internet but if you are looking for a few tried + true options for your kids around ages 4-6, I have some great suggestions for you.

I’ve said on stories that my boys don’t really play with toys very much. They have a few things that they are likely to pull out if we are stuck inside on a rainy day, but in general, we are an “outside” family. If the weather is manageable, we are outside!

In fact, a gift we got at Christmas a few years ago was a bounce house from Amazon that we still use pretty regularly! If your family is also outside players, that would be a great thing to give your kids. It also brings out the neighbors too because what child can resist a bounce house?!

When it comes to other gift ideas, David has really loved getting monthly Kiwi Crates. Luke likes them but isn’t quite as impassioned about them as David.

Both boys enjoy playing with the Kidizoom camera, and also the set of Magna-tiles we have.

If you need a few new books to add to the mix, we have always loved Richard Scarry books. There is so much to see on each page and these are books I loved as a kid as well!


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Nicole says · 11.22.19

MagnaTiles are awesome! I bought them two years ago for my kids and they still love them!

Kate says · 11.22.19

Yes! I’ve even seen really cool addition kits that can make magnatile cars and houses!

Jessica Case says · 11.22.19

Oh my goodness, thank you for that camera suggestion! My 3 year old is going to LOVE it!

Shanna says · 11.22.19

Looking for some good wireless and cordless earbuds. There were some that you and your sister loved. Do you recall what those were?

Erin says · 11.23.19

We have three pairs of the LilGadgets Bluetooth wireless kids headphones and love them. We bought the first pair three years ago and two more for the other two kids last year. The best part is, there is a cord that can connect two pairs Together so they can both watch the same iPad. They currently fit our three, five, and nine-year-old great.

Sarah O says · 11.30.19

At one time, she recommended the Sudio Vasa Bla wireless earbuds. I know because I bought them! I liked them. They lasted about two years and then fell apart. But I’m getting them again because I really did like them and they are very reasonable. Actually cheaper now then they were back then.

Brooke Clark says · 11.22.19

Hi! Do you have any of the Osmo products for the kids to go with the kindles? My kids are 5 and 7 I’ve been trying to decide if it would be a great time to get them.

Heather says · 11.22.19

Any chance you’ll share the hover board (I’m not 100% that’s what it’s called, but you know!) that Luke was on the other day?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.23.19

Great suggestions! These toys look so fun to play with! 💕✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Courtney says · 11.23.19

Great ideas! Can you please share the hoverboard in see your boys use?

Heather Scullen says · 12.06.19

Can you give the deets on the hoverboard I have seen on Stories?