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I remember being very surprised to hear my mom admit that she’d rather be under-dressed than over-dressed on a certain occasion. I feel the complete opposite!

I’d much rather be overdressed than underdressed! Of course, ideally, I’d be dressed perfectly appropriately but in cases where I’m not exactly sure what the full dress code is going to be, I always lean towards being slightly more dressed up.

I’ve shared a bit of this mindset on Instagram so you may have heard this before but as I’m getting older I’m really appreciating building a closet of classic, timeless pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I love a trendy option from time to time, but what I’m most likely to reach for over and over are the timeless basics I own and love.

I found a beautiful trench coat with a detachable hood last year and have thought to myself a number of times that I’m glad to have such a timeless piece that hopefully never needs to be replaced.

I’ve got a pair of brown knee-high boots that will never go out of style, and even simple things like a black thin turtleneck that can go with so many things.

I stumbled upon Amy Jackson’s Instagram account through the explore page and love how timeless and classic her style is. I love the consistency of colors and how she manages to make a camel coat look like one of the most useful items of clothing ever.

In thinking about the classic pieces for a winter wardrobe, these are a few that I think any women would get a lot of use out of and be able to wear for years and years to come.

One. Two, (similar). Three. Four. Five. Six, (similar), (similar).



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Chelsea says · 11.27.19

I love all of these classic pieces!

xx Chelsea

Angela says · 11.27.19

I love knee high boots and you’ve reminded me that I still have to get mine out of the closet! In love with your coat too!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Megan says · 10.11.20

Where is the coat from that you’re wearing in this picture? It doesn’t seem to be tagged anywhere.

Cheryl says · 01.24.21

Assuming this is outside your house, what color is the exterior brick paint?

Kate says · 01.25.21

I’m not sure sorry!

Maribel says · 01.24.21

Can you do a essential pieces for Spring? Love this!