Ask Kate: On Shower Caps, My Former Career, and More

The Results of “Whether or Not You Like Your Hair”

How do you take off your makeup?

I’m interpreting this question very literally and separating it from the act of washing my face. I like to wet my face with warm water and use a POND’S makeup removing wipe to remove my makeup. I cleanse my skin with Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea.

Do you miss being a hairstylist?

Sometimes I do. I miss being “in the industry” because I loved it for so many years. It’s fun and full of really unique and talented artists. I miss seeing my regular clients that I saw for years every few weeks. I miss the challenge and chemistry of hair color, and I miss the social aspect of being around people all day.

I don’t miss the hours, the late evenings or weekends. I don’t miss being on my feet for the entire day. And I don’t miss a disrupted schedule from no-show clients! I can’t see myself ever going back to working behind the chair, but if I had a million lifetimes I would definitely want to open my own salon!

What is your favorite hair mask?

I have so many that I love but I have to say I really like the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque. It hydrates my dry hair so well and makes it feel strong the next day.

Quick Answer:

What is your favorite shower cap? I haven’t found one that comes CLOSE to being as good as this one by Blow Pro.

Do you ever take a nap? No. I’m one of those people that if I take a nap, I feel worse afterward!

If you were on a tight budget, what is one skincare product you would get? A really great exfoliator! This is one of my favorites!

How do you keep brassiness out of your hair? Read this post to see how I keep my blonde bright!

What is the best highlighter that isn’t sparkly? Milani makes a really nice one if you are looking for a drugstore brand. I also like highlighters by Laura Mercier as well!


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Lindy says · 10.17.19

I know you’re not gray yet but I wish you would cover some products specifically for gray hair. How to keep it from yellowing? Not be dry?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.17.19

Haha, my favourite shower cap (or the only ones I’ve ever used, actually) are free ones from the hotels… 😛

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Amber says · 10.17.19

Hi Kate, how do you organize all of your beauty products?

Kate Lately says · 10.17.19

I’ve never tried a shower cap – but I get so frustrated trying to keep my hair dry…I should probably start!

K A T E L A T E L Y //

Kate says · 10.17.19

for sure!

Sandy Beattie says · 10.17.19

Hi Kate!
Where did you get the grey “lip” shirt? I love it!

Kate says · 10.17.19

It’s from Jcrew Factory!

b says · 10.17.19

hey! i don’t have a social media presence at all.. so i’m not quite sure where/how to ask you this.. i’m 26, and i have reborn again virgin hair (being pregnant will do that!), but i’m getting gray hairs at my scalp along my part-line. I part my hair in various ways, but the grays always show! can you recommend a way to cover the gray hairs without a full on color job? i would love a limited time fix.

thank you if you come back to this.!

Stephanie says · 10.17.19

What is the best dry shampoo for someone (well me) who has natural jet black hair? I do not color my hair at all. All of the ones I have tried always leave a white residue in my hair. Even if they say “no residue”. I would love to NOT wash my hair everyday!! Thanks.

Callie says · 10.17.19

My favorite shower cap is the SHHHowercap from Sephora. A little spendy but it’s the only one I’ve found to block humidity and it’s lasted forever with no signs of wear!

kate says · 10.19.19

any shower cap, cant live without them

every thought about doing “on call blowouts” for clients.
If I could get someone to come to my house for one that would be so great

Christy McCort says · 11.19.19

Hi! I’m looking for two things that I thought you have reviewed or mentioned.
Wireless earbuds
Shower head filter
Sorry! I tried finding iron your Instagram shop link but can’t. Maybe I’m wrong on both! 😂

Katy says · 11.22.19

I am also looking for information on the shower head filter you recommended for well water! I remember it being in your insta story but I don’t see anything on the blog or any information on where I can purchase it. Thank you!!

Ann says · 04.14.20

Hi Kate,
Could you give me advice on what to tell my hairdresser to get a cut like yours? I’ve told her a little longer in front hoping to get movement in style but she says that won’t help. I’ve told her I might need a little thinning because it feels heavy in the middle but she won’t do that either. Your hair looks similar to my texture and fullness. Is there a certain hairdresser lingo I might be able to use to express that your cut is what I’m looking for.
Thank you, love your tutorials 😊

Lexi says · 05.23.20

Can you do a tutorial on how to wear the wider scarf / tie headbands I’ve seen lots of people wearing lately ? They are cute but I’m not sure how to wear with my longer side bangs & how to wear when hair is up ….Reese Witherspoon clothing line Draper James have a lot of these scarf type headbands

Desirae Dodd says · 07.30.20

So for my whole professional life I have worked in restaurants and have had to wear a hat. Any tips for this since my hair is in a pony tail or bun 5-6 days a week for 8 hours a day? Also if I don’t wash my hair every day then it smells like restaurant food etc