3 Easy Outfits with Black Denim

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Black denim is something women have been wearing for years but it’s probably the thing I’ve been most resistant toward in my own closet. I can’t really point to exactly why, because they are such an easy thing to wear and style, but I added a pair into the mix for this fall and I wanted to share 3 quick outfit ideas for black denim.

I love the look of black denim with a classic chambray shirt. It leaves you with tons of options for shoes, bags, and accessories. This outfit above, though, is a bit more dressed up with a chambray tie neck top and suede block heel pumps. This would also look really cute with an animal print belt peeking through the front tuck of the shirt!

Speaking of animal print…

I tried mixing leopard prints with the belt and shoes and kind of liked how it all turned out in this black on black outfit. The blouse is one of my very favorite styles from J.Crew.

I’m just noticing this is another necktie top below! It didn’t occur to me that I wore the only two tops in my closet that have the necktie detail!

This top was a great find at Target. It has fully functioning buttons (for any of you breastfeeding moms out there!) and I love the subtle ruffle detail. I paired it with ankle boots for this outfit but I wanted to note that it would also look really cute with some knee-high brown boots!

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.08.19

Cute outfits, Kate! I need a pair of black denim, all I’ve got at the moment are black leggings! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Marta says · 10.08.19

I’ve never been too into black denim, I love to see it on other people but on me, I’ve never really felt much like myself. I love the way it looks with animal print, I’m gonna have to try it and see how I like it, thanks for the tip!

KateG says · 10.08.19

I’ve tried black denim in the past and it didn’t seem to matter where I bought them, they always smelled really terrible! And the smell would get worse as my body heat warmed them up. Do these have that awful petroleum smell like other brands?

Heather says · 10.08.19

I’ve smelled that before on jeans, regular denim not black. It’s so gross!

Kate says · 10.08.19

No these don’t’ to me! I have smelled that before on some denim, often from Target, but not on these!

Sheila🇨🇦 says · 10.08.19

Try washing in cold water with some vinegar. It sometimes helps! I used to work in Retail and found it helped a lot.

KateG says · 10.09.19

I tried that, soaking with dawn dish soap, and several other tricks I found online. None of them worked and every pair ended up smelling awful within an hour of wearing them. They even made my dresser and anything that touched them smell bad. They didn’t seem bad in the store but were always bad at home. 🙁

Emily says · 10.08.19

I’ve been hesitant too, but I just added a pair! I love it with just a simple tee and a jean jacket!

Angela says · 10.08.19

I have a pair of black denim pants in my closet but should probably check if they even fit me! I love the black paired with the leopard accessories – very chic for fall!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Kate Lately says · 10.09.19

These are great! The first one is definitely most my style, so I might have to create something similar!!

K A T E L A T E L Y //

Emily Fang says · 12.19.20

Thank you very much for your sharing, and that’s an wonderful article.

Emily Fang says · 04.06.21

I also love the look of black denim with a classic chambray shirt. It leaves you with tons of options for shoes, bags, and accessories.

FondMart says · 12.06.21

Thank you for sharing. I just wanted to buy clothing recently. It’s helpful.