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3 Things I Wish I Did on Moving Day

You may remember if you’ve been reading for a while, that I was newly pregnant with Luke when David was about 6 months old. Those two boys have been best little buddies since Luke was a few months old. It was so sweet to see 14-month old David walk around and find Luke’s pacifiers when he was crying. I was truly surprised to see how attentive and tender David was with his baby brother.

I only knew life with two little babies so when Emily was born I was excited to have slightly older kids on the scene. I worried about different things than I did when Luke was born. It was going to be easier on me physically to only have one baby in diapers, and to have older kids who can grab a snack for themselves, or simply put on their own shoes. But I worried that they would feel left out or neglected, and be impatient about the change that comes with a newborn. I worried that I would be overcome with stress and exhaustion for the first few months and not be the mom they were used to.

We’re over a year out from when we brought Emily home to our family, and I’m so grateful for what a smooth first year it was. As expected, there were stretches of exhaustion, impatience, and difficulty. But there was also, at the very same time, extremely sweet moments, and pure joy when I sat back and marveled at my 3 children.

We’ve entered a new season of life as David just began Kindergarten. David is going to a year-round school so it started a little bit earlier than the traditional school calendar. We miss him terribly during the day, but I’m excited to see Luke step into this new role as the “oldest” kid around the house during the day.

He’s learning what kinds of activities we can do with Emily and still being such a great helper.

We’ve been using Pampers Pure diapers and wipes since we brought Emily home and we have loved them. They perform just as you would expect a Pampers diaper to perform, but they are made with plant-based materials.

Pampers Pure just released new diaper prints and we can’t get enough! The boys have their favorite prints that they like to choose for her whenever I ask them to grab a diaper for me. Luke loves the bulldog print, and David really likes the newly released taco print. I think the prints are cute as well, and I also love that they are made with light colors so they don’t show through any white bloomers or pants!

You can find Pampers Pure diapers and wipes at Target, click here to shop!

This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure, all opinions are my own.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.01.19

The cutest family! Love the photos 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Erin says · 08.01.19

Cute pictures! Is this a sponsored post? Just wondering because it doesn’t say….

Jessie says · 08.01.19

Omg who cares?! If she forgot to say so, it truly doesn’t matter either way. 😐🙄

Kate says · 08.02.19

The disclaimer, as always, is at the end of the post.

Erin says · 08.07.19

The disclaimer wasn’t there when you first published the post. It was added afterwards.

Ivonne says · 08.01.19

My boys are 16 months apart and my first was super colicky and had reflux as an infant! I relate so much to you and hope to *mayyybe* add a third when the boys are slightly older.

Emily says · 08.01.19

Love this and you’re whole blog! Just wanted to ask where your bed frame is from? I love it!

Kate says · 08.01.19

Such a sweet post! You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!


Renee says · 08.01.19

Such a sweet post!

Claire says · 08.02.19

Those pictures are adorable!

Nina Simon says · 08.02.19

Haha, this is such a heartwarming read. More power to you and the kids!

Maha says · 08.03.19

Love this sweet post! Beautiful family. Mine are 7, 9 and we now have a 5 month old. Every type of age gap has pros and cons. Definitely many sweet moments though 🙂