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We moved!


If you know Luke, you probably know that he loves the color green. Justin requested a Key Lime Pie for Father’s Day back in June, and because it’s sweet AND green Luke was very interested in trying a bite. You can’t see it well in the photo but he stabbed the pie in about 8 different spots to scoop out “the green”. Needless to say, he loved it.

We are enjoying time in Wisconsin with my family during our annual 4th of July trip back home. It’s always so nice to experience a brief reprieve from the heat and humidity of the South in the middle of summer.

July holds a lot of changes for our family, with setting up the new house and sending David off to Kindergarten being the two largest. David will be attending a year-round school, which will be my very first experience with this model as I grew up attending a traditional calendar school and Justin was homeschooled. He starts in July and then gets a pretty decent break in August before starting a longer session in school in September.

He talks about Kindergarten nearly every day. He’s so proud and it’s very heart-warming to see his little 5.5-year-old heart get excited about something completely unknown.

A few other links + loves:

Who am I that I almost pulled the trigger on this leopard skirt?!

Filling smoothies for breakfast!

A great basic tank for summer.

A very cute stripe pajama set! A set like this is good to have for traveling. A robe or comfy pajamas that I’d wear beyond my bedroom are two things I try to pack when I take a trip!

A pretty straw hat.

Minted launched a greeting card subscription which is PERFECT because I’m usually scrambling at the last minute for a card! With this, they’ll mail the card to YOU in time for you to mail it/give it to the recipient!

Have a great weekend!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.05.19

Sounds like you really enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations, Kate! Hope you have a lovely weekend to follow! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jelena says · 07.05.19

Aww he is a handsome little guy. Good luck with setting up the new house! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

Jelz Inspired |

Allison MacDonald says · 07.05.19

Oh! Thank you for posting about the card subscription. Every January I say I’m going to do better with sending cards.

Kate says · 07.10.19

I thought it was a really cool thing!

Michelle says · 07.06.19

I work at a school with a year round schedule and it works out nicely! I think its great for the kids.

Kate says · 07.06.19

Awe that is so cute that David is looking forward to Kindergarten. So precious! Thanks for sharing all the great links! Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!


Angie Hargrave says · 07.09.19

I am about to be an empty nester, first time Nana and have a HUGE back story. I would love to begin a blog both video and written. Any suggestions on how to begin? I’m 46, been married 27 years, I have a 25 year old, 18 year old, and I work in a law office. Along with other ideas that I have part of my blog I would love to be for plus size clothing try-ons because I’m having a hard time finding that in bloggers.

Michele says · 07.09.19

Unrelated, but how have you felt the gray colors you use on your walls to feel? We’re going with a similar palette after having beige/sage since we moved in six years ago (the colors that came with the house) and while I love your use of it and how it looks I’m all of the pictures I see online all over the place, I’m very worried that it will feel cold and unwelcoming rather than cozy. With two small kids, I want them to feel warm and happy…does the cooler grey tone feel more industrial?

Am I thinking too much?


Kate says · 07.10.19

I actually think Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray is quite warm in tone, so it doesn’t feel too industrial to me. I think the key is warming up a room with texture and color beyond wall paint, you know what I mean?

Michele says · 07.10.19

Yes! We’re going with a similar grey throughout most of the house (open-ish floor plan) and a darker grey in the family room for contrast. We actually just decided to do a white panel above the fireplace, like the one you had in the picture of the boys and Emily in moving boxes, to add a pop of color and texture so it’s not a whole lot of “whoa…that’s a lot of grey.” Thanks for your thoughts!