3 Ways to Make Packing Easier for a House Move

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Did you see the news that we are moving to a different house?!

Packing up our house for the past few weeks has been completely manageable. I am writing this about one week out from the move, so I may be singing a different song the night before we actually move, but in general, I think it’s been a simple process.

There are a few reasons that I believe it’s been manageable, and I’ll share those below.

One. Justin and I sat down and organized the packing plan room by room. I typed up a list of every single room in the house and assigned each one to either Justin or myself. We agreed on it and that was that. I decided to take on more rooms (mostly smaller simple rooms like a bathroom) and Justin is tackling the attics, garage, shed, and his home office. In our marriage, I’ve tried to stick to what I say, so we both have clear expectations of the other. So while I’ll occasionally find myself wanting to tell him when he should start packing, or how I think he should do it, I try to bite my tongue and trust that he’ll get it done because he said he would. His timeline is not the same as my timeline, and he knows the moving date just as well as I do!

Two. Pack the least used items first, and work your way backward. Over the weekend I’m going to set out about a week’s worth of clothes for the kids, Justin and myself so we can essentially live out of a suitcase during the actual moving days. I also left out a lot of the toys in the kids’ playroom so they can still have access to the things they like to play with!

Three. This may not work for everyone but I’ve been using this time to really purge things that I don’t love. If I don’t love it here, I probably won’t start loving it at the new house. We are going to do our best with the furniture we have but I’m sure there are going to be holes that need to be filled after we move in. If there is something I don’t like, I don’t want to force it at the new place so I’m taking this opportunity to donate it.

I’m the farthest thing from a “strategy” person but these are a few things I’ve implemented to make the packing very manageable! I hired Jenna from The Arranged Abode to help me in my office and master bathroom (there are so many hair products!!) but otherwise we are packing it all ourselves.

Many readers suggested these packing stickers to help movers know what boxes need to go where, and I also heard that Trader Joe’s or local wine shops have boxes that they’ll give away for free!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.27.19

Purging is one of the best things to do before a move. Totally agree with you that if you don’t love something now, you won’t love it in the new house as well!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Monique Belanger says · 06.27.19

Great tips, Kate, thank you.
At one time in my life , I worked for an airline and moved about 16 times in 11 years. My best tip is to make sure you set up your new beds A.S.A.P. in your new place. After a day of moving the last thing you want to be doing is finding your bedding and not being able to go to sleep in a properly made bed after a long day of moving.

Rena says · 06.27.19

Your tips are great, thanks for sharing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

laura@everydayedits.co says · 06.27.19

Great list! Sharing on the weekend edit. Good luck with the move! I am a realtor in Denver and I love this list! laura

Helen D says · 06.27.19

Those are some good tips you’ve provided. Another I would add is to have a “first in” box. It would have things you’ll need right away like rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, disposable cups, plates & utensils, a pair of scissors & cleaning supplies. Also, make sure to add sheets for each bed to your living out of a suitcase bag/box. It will make making the beds so much easier, especially when you discover that all of the sheets have been packed away…somewhere. I hope your family’s move goes smoothly!

Colleen D says · 06.27.19

Definitely this! I call it the Essentials Box (a clear plastic tote box is perfect). I made sure mine also had sticky notes for reminders and lists, a sharp object for opening boxes, and my electric kettle (because tea is one of my essentials!). Also make sure you pack any medications/supplements, first aid items, and toiletry must-haves in your suitcase. It’s pretty rough not being able to find the Advil or the band-aids when you haven’t set up the medicine cabinet yet!

lindseyroy34 says · 06.27.19

Super good idea!

Janet says · 06.27.19

How timely! My family is moving to a new state this coming Monday. I read a lot from the moving experts – military moms – and picked up a few great tips that have been awesome so far. One has been using giant ziplocs to help protect and organize just about everything from pens in the junk drawer to truly gigantic ones for bedding. Another is that we are also using room labels, BUT ours are big enough to also write a list of important items on them. Good luck with your move! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077DX8W3D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Kate says · 06.27.19

Thanks for all the great tips! I am actually moving here shortly so this post is just wonderful!


Beth says · 06.28.19

Last out, first in…all the basic necessities go in our car with us and get put to use immediately. Including all the fridge and freezer stuff!

Angela says · 06.27.19

Wow! You are so organized – great tips! I’m scared of the day when I finally have to move – we just have so much stuff! I’ll have to hire someone like Jenna when the time comes.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Amanda says · 06.27.19

Do you have any tips on moving with cats and making the transition for them as smooth as possible? We’re about to start building and will move (with a cat) in the Spring! These are great tips!

Karen Ward says · 06.27.19

Great tips! My daughter plans on being married soon and we will have to move her to another city when that happens. My husband and I plan on downsizing afterwards so these tips will come in handy!

Hannah says · 06.27.19

Love these tips! So helpful thanks!! Moving soon too

Emily says · 06.28.19

Decluttering at the same time as moving makes so much sense! Especially if you know instantly you won’t need/use it at the next house! Packing the things you use least at the bottom is a great tip too. I’ve also read online that pack basics like toilet roll, batteries (for smoke alarms etc), coffee and hand soap separately so you can grab those immediately when you move in!

Emily | Snippets of Em xx

Shelby says · 06.28.19

I moved last Saturday and we did these same things. We started out doing it as a strategy to stay friends 😂 but it worked so well. I also donated anything I didn’t love. I didn’t want to move it twice: into the new home and then out when we replace it. I’d rather live with less and fill it in as I find things I love.