She’s One!

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She was the biggest surprise!

Most of you know that we did not know Emily was a girl until the day she was born! We were also surprised with Luke and I was so thrilled to have another boy so soon after having my first child, David.

At the time, I felt like Emily was probably a boy because the pregnancy felt very similar. I didn’t have a strong inclination either way, but I sort of planned on her being a boy.

When I got to see her right after she was born via c-section, I couldn’t believe it. I asked Justin, who was crouched down next to me in the operating room, “Justin is that a girl? Is that a GIRL?” a few times. Finally my Doctor chimed in and said, “YES that is a girl!”

It was such a fun experience and I can still re-live the vivid memories of laughing, crying, and truly feeling so surprised to learn she was a baby girl.

Emily is one year old today and it has been the fastest, fullest, most wonderful year. It’s been a true joy watching her grow and seeing the boys interact with her. She’s tough as nails, unfazed when the boys are unknowingly rough with her, and she loves to explore on her own agenda. She hates when I close the gate at the bottom of the stairs because she loves to climb the stairs! She generally has a very sweet temperament, can’t be bothered with sleeping in, and is always smiling.

I can’t believe she’s already a year old. “The days are long and the years are short” is such a true statement.

We’re celebrating her tonight with a small family party and I’m planning on setting a sprinkle topped cupcake in front of her to see what she does. Both Luke and David gently picked sprinkles off the top of the cupcake before they dove into the frosting, but I have a strong feeling Emily is going to go STRAIGHT into it as fast as she can.

Thanks for all your kind words, from my pregnancy announcement up to now. You’ve been so kind and it’s a gift to be able to share my life with you all and receive such a wonderful amount of support and kindness.


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Sherry says · 05.08.19

Happy Birthday Emily……she is absolutely precious. It is so fun to watch your family grow and change. Be sure to share the cupcake video.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.08.19

So, so, so cute! Emily is adorable. Congrats to your family! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Megan says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday sweet Emily! You’re a joy to watch grow!!

A.C. says · 05.08.19

Happy Birthday! Hard to believe she is one already!

Marta says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday to the baby girl! I think it’s so funny that my niece is also gonna be one year old on Friday haha

Annette Fiorelli says · 05.08.19

Is that boy in the picture with the birthday girl your oldest? He is getting! Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday Emily!! Such a beautiful little girl! And what sweet photos! Enjoy celebrating your baby girl!

Bridget says · 05.08.19

Happy Birthday, Emily! It’s been so much fun watching her grow this year!! 💕

Dorota says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Kathleen Elliott says · 05.08.19

Your family is beautiful and such a joy to see. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Emily says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday E, from one Emily to another!

Morgan Jennifer {Morgan Jennifer Blog} says · 05.08.19

She’s beautiful. My daughter turns 5 tomorrow, and like you, I had two boys before her and thought she would definitely be a boy. Having a daughter is so special.

Shelly says · 05.08.19

I cannot believe she is ONE already! I loved the “surprise” of you finding out she was a girl at delivery. Such a sweet little story.

Rachel says · 05.08.19

What a beautiful girl! It’s true-the days are long and the years are short. My youngest is 7, and I’m wondering where the time went! Enjoy every moment.

Shannon Mahaney says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday sweet Emily! 🙂

Gina Doyle says · 05.08.19

Happy Birthday, Emily! Such a sweetie!

Mary says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday sweet Emily! She is such a doll! Yes, time does fly

Allison says · 05.08.19

Happy birthday Emy, and happy birthday to her Mama! You’ve done so much work, and birthdays are truly a celebration for moms, too!

Kandie says · 05.08.19

Been following you since your hair days and it has been such a joy watching you and your family. From one mama to another, thank you for those glimpses of normalcy 🙂 Happy 1st birthday to your little lady! Tauruses unite! 🙂 The days are long and the years are short….oh so true!!

Christine says · 05.10.19

She is beautiful. And so are you. Can you do a tutorial on your hair in the top picture?

Sarah O says · 05.08.19

She’s so precious! Happy Birthday!

Kate says · 05.08.19

She is so perfect! Gorgeous just like there mother!


Meg says · 05.08.19

Emily is the cutest little thing!

But let me say what we’re all thinking (besides how adorable she is): How did you do your hair in these photos?! So pretty!

Sharee says · 05.08.19

She is darling…just like her Mom! Happy Birthday Emily!

Kathleen Castleberry says · 05.08.19

So sweet! Where is Emily’s lovely dress from?

Beth Mann says · 05.08.19

It’s been a year??!!! Just doesn’t seem possible, she’s a darling little thing and it’s adorable to see how the boys fawn over her. She’s a blessed little lady!

Krystle says · 05.08.19

Happy Birthday Emily!

Claire says · 05.08.19

You have such a beautiful little family Kate, thank you for sharing these milestones with us, it’s a joy to celebrate with you! Emily is adorable, little girls are just the sweetest. My little one just had her second birthday, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. Enjoy every moment xxx

Dubliner in Deutschland says · 05.09.19

she’s adorable!

Evelyn Nunes says · 05.09.19

OMG this last picture is my favorite!!! LOVE it!!

All the best, many blessings to you all!

Emily says · 05.10.19

Oh my what gorgeous photos! Happy birthday Emily, I hope you all have the most wonderful and magical day celebrating!

Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

Jess Burton says · 05.11.19

You are such a sweet, genuine person and I love following your blog. You’re also a great mother. Happy Birthday Emily and Happy Mother’s Day Kate!