Makeup Capsule: Quick and Easy

How to Use Bronzer (and why it’s not the same as Contour)

For this makeup capsule I wanted to choose items that can be multipurpose or don’t require any additional tools! This would be great for a travel capsule (although I am working on a dedicated travel makeup capsule soon!) or just someone who isn’t interested in spending a ton of time on their makeup.

Both lip products can be used as blush, and the eyeliner is smudge-able with your fingertip!

One. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. Use your finger to apply this concealer to your under eye area or over any dark spots or blemishes. It blends beautifully with the skin, and a little goes a long way!

Two. Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. I love applying any of the IT Cosmetics CC+ creams with my fingers. They are super hydrating and provide full coverage.

Three. Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara. I’m loving the impact I get from just a few swipes of this drugstore mascara. It’s been a favorite for the last month or so!

Four. Stila Smudge Stick. An oldie but a goodie! I used Stila’s Smudge Sticks constantly and I’m not exactly sure why they’ve fallen out of the rotation! They can be smudged with your finger or a brush immediately after applying, then dry to a long-lasting finish that lasts all day.

Five. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. My go-to for easy lip color. Petal and Rose are very easy to wear colors for spring and summertime.

Six. Nudestix Cream lip + cheek pencil. This is great for using on lips and cheeks. The shade Rebel is a beautiful bright pink that looks fantastic on cheeks too!

Seven. Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color. I love these eye crayons. They can be blended with your fingers and smudged a bit at the edges for a soft finish. Angel and Burnish are some of my favorite shades.

Eight. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. This is such an easy to use pencil. It doesn’t smudge away and the tip can be sharpened for a very precise line throughout your brows.

p.s. Did you catch my budget friendly makeup capsule?


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Victoria Carnevale says · 04.04.19

What exactly is BB or CC cream? Is it an all in one concealer-foundation? Would it replace either of those things?

Thanks! 🙂

Karen Ward says · 04.04.19

I love the IT CC creams. Is there any particular reason you like applying them with your fingers?

Kate says · 04.04.19

It just feels quicker than a brush to me but you can certainly use a brush!

Angela says · 04.04.19

I just got the IT Cosmetics CC cream and love it so far! Haven’t tried it with my fingers yet but plan to!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.04.19

This is definitely doable! I’m lucky I don’t use that much makeup anyway. Thanks for the product recommendations, Kate. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sarah O says · 04.04.19

This kind of post is right up my alley. I use high end makeup in everything but mascara, because I don’t think there’s much difference. I’ll have to check out that Cover Girl exhibitionist. Also want to try the Nars concealer!

Laura says · 04.04.19

I always have a hard time with smudge stick eye shadows, they never seem to go on smoothly and I feel like they are dry and pulling at my eyelids. Am I doing it wrong or just using the wrong product?

Emily says · 04.04.19

What do you use to remove the covergirl exibitionist mascara? I love how it looks but I cannot get it off! And if I try to make it last until the next day, it looks kind of crummy. I’ve tried make up remover cloths, micellar water, and coconut oil.

Terri says · 04.05.19

I haven’t tried this particular mascara (currently using lash blast), but I find that Ponds cold cream gets any mascara off.

Lisa Gueno says · 04.04.19

Do you use the cherryblooms fibers with the covergirl mascara?

Kate says · 04.04.19

I will definitely have to try those products out! For as long as I can remember I have been using the Anastasia brow pencil and I love it, definitely a necessity! Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a wonderful day.


Michele says · 04.04.19

It products are wonderful! I love the CC cream and concealer. Such wins!

I wish I could get behind Covergirl mascara. I tried one that either you or your sister recommended, and I found it clumpy and it dried my lashes out. I’ve been a maybelline girl all the way!

Jill says · 04.05.19

Nudestix are my JAM! This is a great capsule. Love your blog. Have you tried the new Nudestix set yet? The colors are gorgeous. The new cheek color is fantastic.

Brenda says · 04.05.19

pic! or it didn’t happen! lol! I love all the nudestick products!

Jennifer Calcott says · 04.05.19

When you use the Covergirl mascara, do use another mascara with it? I know you have been known to layer your mascara. I bought some and I’m not in love so I wonder if I’d like it better layered with something.

Polline says · 04.15.19

Hi Kate! I just purchased the exhibitionist mascara which is not water proof right?! So I’m looking for suggestions on eye makeup remover? I usually use coconut oil, but don’t know if that’s 100% ok.

Kate says · 04.15.19

They make a waterproof option!

Polline says · 04.15.19

Oohh didn’t know that! What’s your go to eye makeup remover?

Judy Shrader says · 04.17.19

I was hoping to love the Exhibitionist mascara. It looks amazing on you. I’m looking for a drugstore brand to replace my $30 Bobbi Brown. I really didn’t like the wand. It clumped my lashes together. I’ll keep watching for more recommendations!!