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Spring Shoes, easy slip ons and cute sandals

The blog is always going to be primarily a beauty blog but occasionally I’ll share what I’m wearing or some great wardrobe finds too! Instagram is my go-to place for sharing outfits because I can snap a casual photo really quick, but for those of you not on following along there, OR those of you who prefer to do your online shopping on a computer versus a phone, I thought I’d share the latest “style” photos right here.

sky blue sneakers (very comfortable and great for my bootcamp work outs!), purple leggings 


10 inch high rise denim, stripe long sleeve (great short sleeve option as the temps warm up!), waffle zip up jacket, slip on shoes (kind of similar!)


easy stripe tee, 10-inch high rise denim, similar bag, similar block heel booties, earrings


Roadtripper denim, grey t-shirt, rain jacket, slip on shoes


graphic tee, slip on shoes, denim, sunglasses


tee, denim, booties

blouse, sandals, denim, bag (same bag, different color!)

Now what you don’t always see between these styled outfits is my go-to “mom” day outfit of black leggings and a basic stripe tee. It’s easy, comfortable, and I can layer a sweater over it if I get cold! I’m pretty loyal to the Lululemon Align leggings but these $28 ones from Amazon come VERY CLOSE to identical to the Lululemon leggings.

If you are local, my sister and I are hosting a hang out over at Madewell at Crabtree Valley Mall on Sunday from 3-5pm! You can RSVP here! Hope you can come!


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Michele says · 03.09.19

I just ordered myself a pair of 10 inch jeans from Madewell after falling in love with the 9 inch Roadtripper. I mean, a whole day without pulling up my jeans? Sign me up! I’m concerned that that high a rise might make me look matronly. Do you find you have to wear a less fitted shirt so that you can’t tell how migh they come up? I’m getting visions of my maternity jeans with the belly band coming up to my bra. Or Urkel pants. You choose whatever vision makes you laugh more.

Shelley says · 03.09.19

You are gorgeous and adorable. I love your style, you make the most casual pieces look amazing together. I love your tutorials and have learned so much from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and doing what you do.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.09.19

Love your outfits, Kate! They’re so simple but look great on you. I love the blouse you’re wearing in the last photo! 🙂 ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kelly says · 03.09.19

Thank you for sharing all of this! I love all of the cute slip on shoes…do you wear any type of sock/liner with them? I’d love a recommendation – every single liner or no-show type sock i’ve tried always slips off after just a few steps 🤦🏻‍♀️

Kate says · 03.09.19

No I don’t wear any sicks with slip ons 🙂 Check my post yesterday for a sock suggestion!

Kate says · 03.09.19

All these outfits are so cute! I love your style!


Felicity says · 03.09.19

Thank you for sharing these! I find it much easier when you post text links than having to search it on liketoknowit. I’ve had my eye on that Patagonia hoodie since you were wearing it on your stories one day!

Felicity |

Natalie says · 03.09.19

I love the Gap tee! And it’s only $21! It looks a little thin…do you have to wear a cami under it? Also, did you order the ‘tall’ or regular? I love love love these types of posts. I always struggle with dressing myself!

Amy says · 03.09.19

What are your thoughts on the different Roadtripper washes?

Lauren says · 03.09.19

Tried the Kristin Ess hair gloss! Loved it! Took the brassy-ness out of my highlighted hair while my stylist is on maternity leave!

Beverly says · 03.10.19

Awesome outfits! You look great as usual. So glad you shared on your bog, I don’t use instagram 😊

Angela Huffman says · 03.18.19

I’m new to the blog and curious how tall you are? I am short only 5’1 and would like to compare when you post clothing items..

Tracy says · 03.18.19

I love the floral blouse!