A must-have makeup product + a new palette from Ulta


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It’s the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta and now is such a great time to stock up on favorites or try new things! Today, March 20th my all-time favorite eyeshadow base, MAC Paint Pot, is 50% off making it just $11.00!

I used Painterly for years before I ventured into Soft Ochre. Then I tried Bare Study and Vintage Selection. Every single one is beautiful on it’s own, or used under eyeshadow as a primer. It preps the eye perfectly for eyeshadow to blend seamlessly. It’s truly one of the easiest makeup items I’ve used for years and years, and it always delivers results.

Also 50% off today is the Sara Happ The Lip Slip Luxe Clear Gloss. I haven’t tried this product personally but at only $10 today it’ll be hard to pass up. It comes highly reviewed and seems like a great gloss to wear alone or over a lipstick!

There are even more items on sale today, and for the rest of the 21 Days of Beauty event that runs until April 6th! You can check out the calendar here to see what is on sale!

I wanted to change up my eye makeup look and shot a little step by step eye tutorial for you using a pretty new palette by Tarte. It’s the Keep Calm Sunnies On palette and it’s filled with beautiful shades for spring and summer. I actually loved the blue Pool Party shade (color me shocked!) and was inspired to use it as eyeliner in a very subtle way. The result was beautiful and I’m actually planning on recreating the look and amping up the blue even more.

I started, of course, with the MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection. This is a pretty shimmery shade that was too pretty to cover up, so I simply added the shade Spring Break from the Tarte palette to the outer corner for depth.

Then I used a small pointed brush, like this one, and pressed some of the blue shade from the palette onto my lash line. I added the thinnest line of chocolate brown eyeliner to my lash line simply to fake the look of thicker lashes, but not necessarily to add definition to my eye if that makes sense.

I finished with Benefit Roller Lash mascara on top and bottom lashes, and my lipstick was a new addition to my collection in the shade Medium Rare of the Liptensity Lipstick by MAC.

Do you have your eye on anything specific that is on sale during the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta? I may have to pop in to the store on April 4th to grab the Buxom palette because it looks pretty perfect.

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Comments (29)

  1. Posted March 20, 2019

    Ulta’s products never fail! I love the colours of the new palette! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kaitlyn says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    Ulta gets me every time! I feel like I’ve bought something every day so far during this sale! Going to get some paint pots today! 🙂

  3. Amy says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    Thank you for the heads up about the Ulta sale! I shop at Ulta but didn’t realize this sale was sooo good! I am ordering a couple shades of the Mac pots and I see that there are some great deals tomorrow as well…oh boy, this is going to get spendy…even at 50% off! 🙂

  4. Angela says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    What a fun palette to usher in spring! You’ve also inspired me to grab a Paint Pot the next time I pass the MAC store – it’s time I tried one already!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  5. Jen says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    Are you still enjoying the covergirl mascara?

    • Kate says
      Posted March 20, 2019

      Yep it’s really good!

  6. Megan says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    What other products did you use for this look? Specifically foundation, blush, and lip color?

    • Meg says
      Posted March 20, 2019

      It’s all linked at the bottom of the post. “In This Post” section.

    • Meg says
      Posted March 20, 2019

      It’s all linked at the bottom in the “In This Post” section.

  7. Shannon says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    That second earring!! Where’s it from? I’ve been looking forever for something THAT cute!

    • Ashley says
      Posted March 20, 2019

      I’d love to know where the earrings are from too! So cute.

      • Kate says
        Posted March 20, 2019

        madewell 🙂

  8. Carissa says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    I love the paint pots too! The best primer! Do you apply the paint pot with a brush or you’re fingertips?

    • Kate says
      Posted March 20, 2019


  9. Marta says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    That’s a beautiful palette! Tarte always has such pretty and good quality products. I don’t think Ulta ships to my country so that’s a sale I’ll sadly have to pass but it’s definitely a great opportunity to stock up on products we love and others we might want to try.

  10. Blair says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    As a former wedding makeup artist, makeup counter manager, and Ulta manager, I have to ask – PLEASE fill in that gap between your lashline and your eyelashes! So many people look to your for makeup advice, but that’s one of the most important aspects to a perfected eye look.

    • Kate says
      Posted March 20, 2019

      Thanks for your feedback! What you are seeing is my waterline (inside of my eye) and I do not like putting eyeliner on the inside of my waterline because it causes irritation, eye watering, and generally feels uncomfortable for me. I agree that it would make the eye look more “perfected” but I’m not interested in sacrificing comfort for it. I lined my lash line with liquid liner, as close as I could get, so that’s the best I choose to do 🙂

    • Tammy says
      Posted March 22, 2019

      lol I noticed that too along with the spiderlashes. I’m here for hair, definitely not makeup or skincare.

    • Michele says
      Posted March 22, 2019

      So, that was rude. Kate was just too classy to come right out and say it. She can do her makeup however she wants, and people can choose to follow her advice or not based on what they see. I had a wedding makeup artist tell my mom why she needed Botox and that my brows were garbage at my trial, and needless to say, that rudeness cost her our business on the big day. Being an “expert” doesn’t give you the right to be rude. If you can do it better, do a blog of your own.

  11. Ashley says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    Such a pretty look! I have painterly and bare study paint pots, and they’re gorgeous! I love the blue eyeliner on you.

  12. Mary says
    Posted March 20, 2019

    Is there still a code you offer for discount on Home chef? I saw it on stories the other day but can’t remember the details.

  13. Lindsey says
    Posted March 21, 2019

    Hey, Kate! Have you tried the St. Tropez face tanner that is in the sale today (Thursday)?

  14. Amanda says
    Posted March 21, 2019

    Hi Kate~
    I love all of the helpful tips you give! Do you have a link for the top you are wearing in this post?

  15. MJ says
    Posted March 21, 2019

    KATE !! do a tutorial of this hair style. I love it

  16. Kate says
    Posted March 21, 2019

    Oooo that palette is so pretty and you are awesome at makeup! I typically do not by eyeshadow pallets. I think I have maybe one Morphe pallet that I use occasionally, but I am just not very good when it comes to eyeshadow lol. Thanks for sharing!


  17. Tina says
    Posted March 22, 2019

    wow your make up looks so smoothy. are you a make up artist?
    I love your work a lot. The make up is very shiny and natural. What do you use for your lashes?
    Currently I have lash extensions and they are really nice.

    have a good day,
    Tina Wimpernverlängerung Salzburg

  18. Sallie says
    Posted April 2, 2019

    Hi Kate, did you use a lip liner for this look? I might have missed it in your linked items but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

    • Kate says
      Posted April 3, 2019

      No I did not!

  19. Katja says
    Posted April 22, 2019

    Such a stunning look! I have used the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade “Painterly” for a while now, and my skin is light. Maybe I should try “Soft Ochre” instead? 😉
    Great blog!

    – Katja