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I’ve always loved having my nails done, even with a subtle “barely there” color. I think it looks professional and “polished”, pun intended!

I’ve shared my love for Essie’s Gel Couture nail polish line on nearly every place I occupy on the internet, but today’s love profession is directed towards another line from the same brand, the Treat Love & Color line.

I remember when this first came out I thought it was a great option for in between gel manicures, since those can be so hard on the nails. Only a few very, very sheer shades were launched and I picked up a barely there soft pink to apply during times I wanted my nails to be nourished and strengthened, but I wasn’t going to put gel right back on them.

Weak nails are prone to splitting, cracking, peeling, and staining. As much as I love having a crisp gel manicure on my nails, it’s also wise to give the nail beds a break every once in awhile, and the Treat, Love & Color polishes really give you the best of both worlds.

Essie has since expanded their range, and it includes so many great colors + new metallic shades. The TLC polishes are one and done, meaning no base or top coat required. One coat is all you need for a wash of color, be it sheer or opaque, and extra strength and treatment to your nails. In one week of use your nails will be stronger with 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage!

The shade above is “Lite-weight”.

I like to polish my nails while I’m sitting at my desk because I can be sure to have at least 10 minutes where I won’t mess them up! The TLC polishes dry quickly, just like the Gel Couture polishes, but the longer I can give the nails to set, the better.

I’ve shared a lot of my tips for long lasting manicures in the past, but I wanted to recap 3 of the most important steps to make sure your nail polish adheres perfectly and lasts long!

First, push back and trim your cuticles. Any cuticle that is on your nail bed is going to cause polish to lift so the cleaner your nail bed, the better. Second, when filing your nails, make sure you move in the same direction at all times. Going at the ends of your nails in a sawing back and forth pattern will rough up the end and make it harder for the polish to smoothly lock down. Finally, clean the nail bed with soap and water, or even a simple swipe of alcohol on a cotton swab to make sure no leftover oils from lotions or your fingers affect the adhesion of the polish.

Our hands go through a lot, so following the steps will ensure your polish will last as long as possible!

I really love the Treat, Love & Color line and especially love the color choices it offers now.

This post was sponsored by Essie.

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Comments (21)

  1. Michelle Blok says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    I really like the color in the 4th picture. Can you tell me what color that is on your nails? Thank you!

    • Hilary says
      Posted January 18, 2019

      Same question! I bought “lite weight” the only color you mention specifically and it’s nice not the color in the other pictures appears to be more peachy. Is it the lighting or a different shade. Thanks!

      • Hilary says
        Posted January 18, 2019

        *nice but the other

      • Kate says
        Posted January 18, 2019

        The shade in the post are Lite-Weight and Loving Hue. Thanks!

        • Hilary says
          Posted January 18, 2019

          Thank you!

  2. Brynn says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    Very cool! I’ll have to check these out. I love getting gel manicures but hate the wear and tear. Curious if this post is sponsored?

    • Mackenzie says
      Posted January 11, 2019

      I don’t think it is. It didn’t say it was an ad or sponsored anywhere, and she always includes that if it is. I’ve seen a lot of Essie blog posts throughout the years and think she just really likes the brand!

    • Bonnie says
      Posted January 11, 2019

      Actually, it does say sponsored by Essie right beneath the picture of Kate at the bottom of the post.

  3. Posted January 11, 2019

    Yay, more polishes! I love the shades as well. Will check them out! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Leah says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    On instagram you indicated this is an ad but I don’t see that disclaimer in this post. Am I overlooking it?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 11, 2019

      It is at the bottom of the post and was added later. It got left off the the draft by mistake! Thanks for asking to clarify 🙂

  5. Jennifer says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    I’ve discovered this line last year and I also love it! It really helps to strengthen my nails!

  6. Beth says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    Kate some of the polishes list (cream) as the finish. I’m not familiar with that term for nail polish. Would that be just a matte finish? I’m not a fan of shimmer.

    • Celerie says
      Posted January 13, 2019

      For whatever it’s worth – I’ve only tried the Tinted Love shade, and it is translucent/shimmery. The bottle itself describes it as “sheer/translucide.” Given that, the cream may not be shimmery…now I want to try it and find out.

  7. Cindy says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    Glad you like this polish! I’ve tried it, and the polish unevenly peels off my nails within 24 hours of application. I’ve tried both the clear and one of the pale pink colors, and they both have done it. Its been frustrating, as I had been really hopeful that it would help my nails be stronger. I’m going to try again, following the steps you outline above, to see if there’s any difference.

    • Sarah Robbett says
      Posted January 15, 2019

      I’ve had this exact same experience with the polish peeling, with both the clear and a light pink shade!

  8. Nicole says
    Posted January 11, 2019

    I thought you used vinylux?

  9. chloe says
    Posted January 13, 2019

    I have recently ditched getting acrylics done after a year of constantly having them! My nails are so brittle so I’m making the transition back onto just polish. These are some really good recommendations!
    Chloe X

  10. Kelly says
    Posted January 16, 2019

    I love all of the colours!

  11. Kami says
    Posted March 30, 2019

    Thank you for posting about Essie’s TLC polish. I love the colors you choose and decided to give it a try. The brush allows for easy and smooth application, dry time is quick and removal is simple. The product really does work to restore damage from gel and powder dip manicures.