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Hair Clip

I have been very impressed with Charlotte Tilbury’s new Magic Away Concealer for under my eye area. It brightens, covers darkness, and generally feels like a light non-tacky finish that doesn’t crease!

I love the color of her kitchen island! As much as I love a white kitchen, it’s nice to see one with a bit of color.

I love a basic grey henley!

My sister had this cool utensil drip tray that I finally ordered for myself. Too often I’m wasting a perfectly good paper towel for catching drips from a spoon I’m using while cooking so I loved that this will easily keep my counter clean and is also easy to clean itself!

This is a pretty color of a faux suede jacket. I love the drape front!

A great round up of cute booties from Lauren.

Someone recommended following Cara from Taking Cara Babies on Instagram so I did and I’ve enjoyed little tricks and tips that she’s shared in her stories. We’ve been struggling with Emily’s naps and getting her on a predictable routine but I’m reading more from Cara’s site about baby sleep tips and hoping to implement some soon.

I got the iPhone Xs Max last week and really love it. The quality of the camera is a game changer, and the screen is enormous. I’ve been using a loopy case with my phone for the past year or so and there wasn’t one available for this size of the phone yet and I have to admit I’m missing it! I’ve gotten so used to it and am looking very forward to when the case is available in a few weeks.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.05.18

I love a classic white kitchen too, but it always inspires me when I see someone using a unique colour for theirs! It’s hard to work with unconventional colours – to do it well takes a really great designer! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Rena says · 10.05.18

Now I need a hairclip like you show here!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Ashley Brown says · 10.05.18

Hi Kate! I love the hair clip. Does the circle barrette stay up in your hair? I have fine curly hair and love barrettes but find that they slip out of my hair after a few hours of wear. Any suggestions for getting them to stay put? Thanks!

Holly says · 10.05.18

I took Caraโ€™s newborn class and it was truely life changing! I cannot recommend her enough!

Kristen says · 10.05.18

I just got the max xs the other day. The pictures are flawless. So happy with this phone. Now I may have to get a loopy case !!!

Julie Fluegel says · 10.05.18

I had the iphone X and the only way I was going to upgrade is if they made it bigger. Well…they did, so I pre-ordered the Max and I also have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love it! I was never into the pop socket but I might have to try the loopy. I might have to upgrade my watch too, I have the series 3 but that stainless steel gold color is calling my name.

Shelly says · 10.05.18

Yessss! The Loopy case is a total game changer.

Anika May says · 10.06.18

Great links! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

Anika |

Chelsey says · 10.07.18

Love that kitchen island! White kitchens are classic, but sometimes all the white just blends together to me it seems….I like the pop of color!

J says · 10.09.18

Kate, I love you and have been a reader for 5+ years. BUUUT $50 for a henley and $150 for a jacket? Way out of touch.

Kate says · 10.09.18

I share a mix of high end and lower prices options on my blog + social media feeds. If these aren’t in your price range you can find links to lots of options from Target and Old Navy on my Shop page right here on the blog.