Summertime Loungewear

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There’s no shortage of loungewear in my drawers, I almost have two entire drawers full of it. I thought I’d run through some of my favorites on today’s post!

I wear this tank from Gap multiple times a week. I love the higher neck so I don’t feel like I’m flashing the world when I bend over, and the material is so soft.

This tie-waist sweatshirt looks incredibly comfy and the short sleeves make it perfect for summer temperatures.

I have a few bralettes from Gap that I really like, this one looks comfortable but could also offer a bit of support during the daytime as well. I also love Aerie bralettes and love the lace detail of this one!

By about 6:00p every night, I’m up in my bedroom changing into these shorts. They are so comfortable and even have pockets. Plus, they are under $13.00. This pair from Aerie looks very comfortable as well, though a bit thinner than the H&M ones.

It’s pretty hard to beat the align pant from LuLuLemon but these look pretty dang close and are at a slightly better price point! While I’m talking about leggings, I got a pair of Amazon’s Core 10 yoga leggings as a part of their associate program. They are very comfortable and a nice thick material. The coolest thing is that you can “build your own” pant based on exactly what you are looking for. Check them out. Again, they are comfortable but I haven’t been wearing them much as they are a bit too heavy for summertime, but I’m sure I’ll wear them much more in fall and winter.

As soon as I found this tank I ordered it in two colors. It is so comfortable for sleeping or lounging, and is nursing friendly as well!

The great thing about almost all of these pieces is that all you need is to throw on a sweater in the winter. Versatility my friends, versatility!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.17.18

These are super cute picks! I love that they’re so neutral, they look perfect for lounging around at home. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kim says · 07.17.18

I loveee those shorts! This makes me wish I was cozy and not in a dress and heels hahah

Kim — bodysuit in Miami!

Kerrie says · 07.17.18

Hi Kate!

For those H&M shorts do you think sizing is TTS? I am usually between a Medium/Large so unsure of which to order!

Kate says · 07.17.18

Yes I would say true to size

Allie says · 07.17.18

Comfy loungewear is my favorite type of clothing most days. I’ll have to try the Amazon leggings, my go to is Beyond Hoga space dye leggings which are incredibly soft and comfortable.

Megan says · 07.17.18

It would be helpful if the product images and the descriptions below were numbered. That way your readers know, for example, the amazing tank top you’re talking about is #1. I know I can click the link, and I’m happy to click an affiliate link for a product I’m interested in, but I don’t like clicking blind links where I 1) don’t know what the product is for sure and 2) don’t necessarily know where the link is taking me (i.e. when you hover over an affiliate link, you can’t actually see the real URL, which would tell me the name of the website I’m going to). Just a suggestion!

Monica says · 07.17.18

I agree with Megan. Even if your description of an item (not pictured) sounds interesting, I will not click on a blind link without knowing what I’m clicking on. More transparency, please.

Kate says · 07.17.18

Yes, if you see any of my other posts with graphics on them you will see the items numbered with direct links. Apparently an older draft version of this post published because I had the items linked via description. I will try to update the post as soon as possible.

Carrie says · 07.17.18

Hi Kate,
I know you’ve said you love those Lululemon leggings, but every single review I’ve ever heard of them has said they pill like crazy and quality isn’t great. I also heard a recent interview with their former CEO and he mentioned he had an issue with the lack of quality that was happening. This hasn’t ever happened to the pants you’ve bought??

Kate says · 07.17.18

Mine have pilled a bit right at the top of the inner thigh area. I’m certainly disappointed but no one can see the pilling so it doesn’t bother me too much!

paratpararao says · 07.20.18

small things becoming a brand thing in the future.