Improvising Date Night

Postpartum Under-things

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Find a discount code at the bottom of the post!

For date night Justin and I like to do the classic “dinner and a movie”. We usually go to the same few restaurants and can generally agree on which movie we are going to see as well.

With kids, date night takes a bit more effort since we need to hire a sitter, and with a newborn, date night becomes impossible. Well, date night out of the house becomes impossible.

So what Justin and I have been doing over the years is occasionally waiting to eat until after the boys go to bed. We’ll try to sit outside on the deck if the weather is nice, and enjoy the time to talk and focus on each other.

I love to cook but have so little time to invest in it so cooking a new dinner from Blue Apron for date night is a win. I enjoy trying new recipes and spending time in the kitchen, and it’s something that Justin can easily join in on by giving him certain tasks from the recipe card. Everything is delivered in a refrigerated box and is pre-portioned out so there is no food waste.

We’ve taken two cooking classes together and it’s one of my favorite things to do with him!

For this date night we made a summertime inspired vegetable gnocchi. It’s been years since I’ve had gnocchi, and this was only his second time eating it! The end result was delicious and flavorful, and I loved that there were so few dishes to clean up at the end as well!

If you are new to Blue Apron, it’s a meal delivery service that provides you with fresh, seasonal food to make delicious home cooked meals. You can choose between the family plan or 2-person, and also select how many meals are included in a box each week too. It’s easy to skip weeks if you need to, and you also get to select your meals based on the 8 recipes offered each week!

Basically, it’s fun, easy, and not only takes the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping off your list, but it also makes for a great date night at home in my opinion.

If you want to try Blue Apron, use this link to get $50 off your first two weeks! This offer is only available for the first 50 readers so hurry!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.10.18

Date nights in are the best! Both my BF and I don’t have our own homes yet (the real estate here in Hong Kong is one the worst in the world…) so it’s even better when we do spend time cooking dinner together! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 07.10.18

I love meal subscription boxes. It’s so nice to cook without the hassle of meal prep (my least favorite part!) cheers to date nights (we always watch jeopardy) xAllie

Myra says · 07.10.18

Love the pink apron. Where is it from?

Kate says · 07.11.18

Grove Collaborative!

Beth Mann says · 07.10.18

You two are just adorable, and so refreshing to see a loving, Christian, family oriented couple! And loving your new hair cut! I’m really struggling with mine right now….wanting to go short again, but it’s so nice to be able to just pull it up when it’s so hot outside. Needing to find a good new cut , that just grazes the tops of the shoulders, that I don’t have to spray the crap out of, lol. My hair is limp and needs a lot of product to hold any shape. Any suggestions?

Deb Gritter says · 07.10.18

You guys are cute 🙂 I gotta ask, since I”m assuming the boys are in bed and you don’t have a part-time photog living with you, for the pictures of both of you, are they just timed pictures on some sort of stand?

Kate says · 07.11.18

We asked my photographer to come for these photos to make sure they were the best quality since this was a partnered post with Blue Apron 😉