Beauty gifts for a new/tired mom

Texturizing Straight Hair

These beauty gifts are really and truly good for ANYONE, but I thought that these things were fun to have around just after having a baby! It wasn’t terribly high on my list to get ready every single day, but even just a little makeup with my hair thrown up in a messy bun helps me feel awake and more like myself. And a few of these products were nice to have around to use while I was getting acquainted with my postpartum body and dark under eye circles.

  1. This lip balm is fantastic. Not only does it feel great on the lips, but it also leaves the prettiest shimmer of pink behind. I threw it in my bag immediately after I got it so that I could always have it with me.
  2. This is the only reason my under eye area wasn’t BLACK from lack of sleep. I set my concealer with this loose setting powder and I swear it made me look like I was actually rested.
  3. Right before I had Emily, I received comments on how my skin looked so glowy. While that could’ve been pregnancy glow or sheer excitement of meeting my third baby, the majority of it was this powder I dusted all over my face after applying my makeup. It’s like an Instagram filter in a powder.
  4. This texture spray gives my hair a little life on day 1 or day 2…or day 3. Click here to watch a quick video on how I apply it!
  5. I have several of these in different colors and they were perfect for swiping on when I wanted to look alive without wearing a strong lip color.
  6. I’ve been wearing my hair up more and these elastics are not only cute, but they hold hair so well!
  7. The worst thing is when I polish my nails only to find that they are chipping the next day. I typically do gel manicures on myself but with limited time, I’ve turned to Gel Couture – the ONLY polish that will last on me for several days without chipping.

It’s the small things that can lift my mood or bring a little bit of joy to my day, and that’s a lot of the reason why I named my blog what I did. None of these things are necessary, of course, but a new or tired mom in your life may appreciate something special just for her.


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Allie says · 06.20.18

The Fresh sugar lip balms are my favorite lip product. They are so moisturizing and some of the colors have a great color pay off. Petal is my favorite, and I love coral for summer. I haven’t tried that setting powder, but it sounds like a must1 thank you for the great product recommendations (as always!) xAllie

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.20.18

These are great gift ideas! I’ll keep them in mind! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Beth davis says · 07.18.18

I enjoy reading and watching your if stories