3 ways to keep humidity from ruining your hair

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For the most part, humidity is not welcome on days when you want your hair to cooperate. For a rare few, humidity can help make bouncier curls or add some wanted volume, but in general it seems like it’s much more of a burden than anything else.

For me, humidity makes my hair go flat and limp. And those are two terms I’ve spent my life trying to avoid when it comes to how I want my hair to look.

Living in North Carolina means that the humidity is fierce all summer long, so I’ve found a few tips to help combat the humidity from winning and ruining my hair!

  1. Use a humidity fighting hairspray, either with a level of hold or not. Kenra Volume 25 is my all time favorite hairspray (it simply cannot be beat!) and it fights humidity. Another spray would be No Frizz Humidity Shield by Living Proof. This doesn’t offer any hold like the Kenra hairspray would, but it acts as a protective spray to the hair to keep the humidity out! A long time favorite for me was the KMS Hair Stay Anti-Hmidity Seal , but it seems to be discontinued. I’d love to try Amika’s The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray since their products always deliver.
  2. Even though I just mentioned a bunch of products, try to have a light hand when you are applying anything with a hold factor. For example, doubling up on a strong hold hairspray may SEEM like a good idea to keep your hair in place, but it will backfire as soon as it gets heavy from the humidity.
  3. Master a go-to hairstyle for pulling your hair back if it melts on a humid day. I wear my hair up a lot in the summertime. If I’m dressed up a bit, I like to pull it back into a low ponytail and loosen a few hairs around my face to make it feel a bit dressed up. If it’s a casual day, I’m more likely to throw it up into a messy top knot. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial to check out if you want to learn how to pull your hair back into a pretty ponytail!

My favorite hair ties lately are these from, of all places, H&M. I also love soft elastic ones like these too!


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Crystal says · 06.11.18

I have the thick coarse hair, so the humidity turns it into a big fluffy mess! I finally discovered that if I put oil in the ends, it at least gives the curls/waves some definition. It still looks coarse/dry, but I am so much more happy with it! Thank you for all your tips and tricks! I’ve enjoyed your blog, for years!!

Jen says · 06.11.18

I have the same issue! My hair is still a mess but I really like the Wella smoothing oil. Helps to keep it soft. I am always looking for tricks to de-vomlumize my hair to manage the lions mane that I have for hair. Another thing I’ve found when its humid is touching it as little as possible seems to help. My texture seems to wind itself around my fingers and it gets bad quick. Thanks Kate for all the helpful info!

Allison says · 06.11.18

This is perfect timing! We’re on vacation in DC and I’m one big frizzball. Thanks for the help!

Allie says · 06.11.18

This post is so perfectly timed! It’s bern extremely humid in Siuth Florida and my gets so huge and unruly. I’ve been looking for products to help, I’m going to go get that humidity shield right away. Thank you! xAllie

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.11.18

Thank you for this blog post! The humidity here in Hong Kong is a KILLER, frequently at 100% in spring and summer! Hopefully these tips will help me tame my wild, frizzy hair…

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Page says · 06.11.18

Kate–I have a somewhat unrelated question (though I do live in a humid climate, so maybe that’s part of my problem?).

How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends (literally, not figuratively ;)?? I have straight hair that’s mostly one layer. I’d like it to tuck under a bit–nothing crazy, just a slight bend towards my neck. If I try to round brush my hair when I blow it dry, it will tuck under after it’s dried but over time, it flips out. I typically just use a slotted brush when I dry it but I make a point to dry it towards my neck in an effort to tuck it under. Is it something I’m doing wrong? The way my hair is cut? Do I need to flat iron it? Any tips are appreciated!



Janet says · 06.11.18

Hi Kate! I was hoping you’d mention the Living Proof spray because it has been a magical game changer for me in Louisiana humidity. I have naturally curly, frizzy, fine hair. Nothing before this spray could keep my hair from wrinkling and poofing, but now my hair looks the same hours after I’ve left the house, which is a miracle in my book! I’m not sure that it has any hold at all, I use it all over my hair before hairspray just in the front. Love it!

OH LA LATKES says · 06.11.18

Thank you for sharing this tips! My hair is at its absolute worst right now. It’s so hot and sticky here in Austria that I just don’t know anymore what to do with my hair. Ugh!
I will try to see if I can get any of the products you mentioned here.


Michelle says · 06.11.18

KMS redid their packaging. I’m still buying the anti humidity from Cosmoprof. It is not discontinued.

Marianna Lucas says · 06.11.18

Perfect timing as my hair goes into major frizz mode every time humidity hits!! Have to learn some updos to try!

Lindsey says · 06.11.18

As a reader who lives in Atlanta, GA, I REALLY appreciate this post!!! Summer is the south is no joke when it comes to humidity!! Have a great day!

Candice Whitney says · 06.11.18

Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your hair from curling on a humid day? I have a short hair style and my ends constantly curly-que when it’s humid. Which in Minnesota in the summer is like everyday. The struggle is real.

Julie Brown says · 06.11.18

You are my hair guru and have been for some time. : ) I have a question for you. My daughter has thick long hair and is going to be a wedding where she has to wear a tight bun. Well as you know with thick hair, a tight bun is not an easy task. Do you have any tutorials on how to accomplish the tight bun look for thick haired women? Thank you in advance.

Debby says · 06.11.18

Sally Beauty carries their own brand called Generic Value Products (GVP) and they have a generic of Kendra Volume 25 hairspray! On the back of the bottle it compares the ingredients and they are exactly the same. I’m curious if Kate or anyone here has tried it and what their experience has been. I see it listed on Sally’s website for $8.99 (10 oz). I’m wondering if it’s a worthwhile dupe!

Patti says · 06.11.18

For pulling hair back I can’t recommend L. Erickson ponytail holders from Nordstrom enough. I have not used another hair tie since.

Steph says · 06.11.18

Hi, Kate!
On a hair related topic, I’d love to see a review of different dry shampoos. I have thin, oily hair and wash every day. I’d love to try and skip a day, but generally hate the chalky feeling that most dry shampoos leave behind. Woukd really like to hear your thoughts on which brands work for different types of hair. Thanks!

Nicole says · 06.13.18

have you tried batiste? I LOVE it! I have thick hair that gets pretty oily. I used to use just baby powder but have used batiste for 6 months or so and its great! I shower at night, do a rough blowdry before bed, spray batiste in the morning and I could go for at least 2 days without washing, 3 if I wear it up on the last day.

Rachel says · 06.12.18

Seriously need a tutorial for this messy bun!!! Do you have one?

Leslie Barton says · 06.19.18

Amen, I can do a ponytail and that’s it!
Would love to rock a messy bun!!
I need dummy directions. 😉

Elle says · 06.12.18

Do you have a flexible hold hairspray that you recommend? Does Kenra make this kind? I have wavy hair so when I scrunch it with a mousse/gel, I don’t want a heavy, crunchy feeling from a stiff hairspray. Thanks!

Maritza says · 06.13.18

Have you ever tried ‘WeatherProof’ by Big Sexy Hair? It works wonderfully! It helped my hair stand up to Texas and Florida when i visited there on vacation…

Laurie says · 06.13.18

Where would I find Kenra?

Kate says · 06.14.18

It’s at Ulta or sometimes Target

Renae says · 06.15.18

Is there a tutorial on how you put your hair up? This is so gorgeous!! Thanks Kate…enjoy your weekend with your family!

Kathryn says · 06.17.18

Any suggestions for hairstyles to pull back shorter hair? Mine is between chin and shoulder length, but will not go into a ponytail/bun. Would love to see some suggestions for a shorter length hair type?

Brittany says · 06.17.18

I love your messy top knot! I can never seem to get mine to look cute. Would you do a tutorial for a messy bun/top know?!

Misty says · 06.18.18

I just spent a week in the Outer Banks and the humidity is no joke in NC.

Kate says · 06.18.18

for real!

Kelli says · 07.11.19

The H&M link leads to their home page, not the hair ties. Can you check your link or post a picture of them on Instagram?

Jennifer says · 07.11.19

What!? The KMS has been discontinued? That’s horrible news.

Kate says · 07.11.19

I’m having such a hard time finding it!

Melissa says · 07.23.19

I thought I saw a video about how to get volume for a messy bun either on your Facebook page or Instagram page within the last week but now I can’t find it. Can anybody help me located?

Sofina says · 02.13.21

I suppose I’m one of the “rare few” who wishes I had more humidity in the air. I’ve always been so confused why everyone hates humidity so much. My hair definitely does way worse in dry climates. I can’t figure out why this is. If anyone has an idea I’d love to know.