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I love the ease of throwing on a light tank top and shorts or a breezy dress in the summertime. But since more skin is showing, there are certain body care steps I take in the summer that I almost never do in the wintertime. Not only does it make your skin look and feel great, it can also feel like a little at-home spa experience!

The first thing I start doing regularly in the spring is full body exfoliation. I love a good scrub and nothing makes my skin feel smoother than doing a scrub in the shower. The Dove Body Exfoliator or Soap and Glory Flake Away are two recent favorites. They smell amazing and have enough scrub in them to really slough off dead skin, while leaving my skin feeling hydrated too.

Another thing I like doing regularly in the summertime is a BabyFoot Foot Peel . Basically you soak your feet in this solution while they are tied up in bags for about an hour or two. Then you rinse it off. In about a 7-10 days, all the dead skin on your feet will simply peel off. It is equally gross and satisfying. My feet feel amazingly soft afterwards! I am trying to get into the routine of slathering my feet in a deeply hydrating foot cream , but that is one step I have yet to add to my nighttime routine. I hate the feeling of lotion feet against my bed sheets, so I may try wearing socks to feel the moisture in without sticking to the sheets.

The last body care thing that I do is applying St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Lotion regularly. It gives my skin the most subtle tan glow. I’m not one for laying out and trying to develop a dark tan during the summer, so a realistic tan from a lotion is right up my alley. I’ve been using this product for over a year and still love it!

p.s. other tried and true tanning products!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.31.18

I’m in dire need of a full body exfoliation! I’ve never tried it before, mostly because I’m sooo lazy! Have to make it a habit!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 05.31.18

I’ve always wanted to try Baby Foot Peel. I think this will be the summer I take the plunge! For body scrubs, I also love the Whole Foods Lavender body scrub, it smells great and doesn’t irritate my skin. Plus, it goes on sale for like $6 all the time. L’Occitaine foot cream is really good too, it feels like it repairs your feet which is amazing.

Elizabeth says · 05.31.18

I love the Dove exfoliatant! I am interested in trying the foot peel. Do you wear sandals while waiting for it to peel or when it starts? Is it unsightly? I imagine it would look like a snake shedding its skin.

Sherry says · 05.31.18

I wondered the same thing. Do you just wear socks and shoes while it’s shedding? From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s a lot of skin.

Sam says · 05.31.18

Definitely wear socks after you start peeling! It’s really gross- but totally worth it.

susan says · 05.31.18

It’s a lot of peeling skin! I only do it in the winter so I can wear socks.

Sherry says · 05.31.18

How long does the peeling last?

Megan says · 05.31.18

Soap and Glory the scrub of your life is the best scrub that you will ever use. I use it a few times a week and my skin is so soft and healthy. I use the Nivea exfoliating I’m shower moisturizer. It’s an exfoliating lotion that not only rids your skin of dead skin cells, it also moisturizs for 24 hours

Leigh says · 05.31.18

I’m a big fan of the St. Tropez Gradual Tan and Dove Body Exfoliator, too! Do you use anything to tan your face? I’ve never used the St. Tropez on my face because I worry about it causing breakouts.

Julie says · 05.31.18

Can you provide a picture of the dove body exfoliator? Is it the polish? Your link doesn’t work for me in Canada.

Kate says · 06.01.18

That top! I need it:) what brand is that?

Jenny says · 06.01.18

I haven’t tried the Flake Away yet but will do!

I do have the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, which is good.

Thanks for recommending the foot peel, which sounds like a game changer.

Sharlee says · 06.02.18

Hey Kate! I would really love to hear what your top 5-10 neutral eyeshadow pallets would be! I’m purging my makeup and I want a couple of really great options for a neutral eye. I always love your makeup! Thanks for your time!

Nicole says · 06.04.18

Just be sure not to use the BabyFoot while pregnant or nursing. It is listed on the packaging. (I know because I was super sad when I read it. I ordered it while I was pregnant as I was excited to try it and I still haven’t been able to try it because I am breastfeeding). :/

Anastasija says · 06.05.18

So good, all of those are a must. I’m currently loving the Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tan. Also, don’t forget to layer on the sunscreen! No point in doing any body care if you’re not protecting your skin from the sun, is there 🙂

Carissa Nelson says · 06.06.18

I’ve tried other St. Tropez, but I didn’t know they had a gradual tanner! I will check it out — self tanner always makes me think of the old days where you had to apply it and not move for like four hours — excited to hear about a gradual option from a good brand!

Susan Shipley says · 12.14.18

You recently talked about lotion/cream by dove that you use on your heels… I’ve search and can’t seem to find it.. thanks!