A surprising last minute decision about this baby’s delivery

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At one of my last appointments with my OB-GYN she mentioned the option of choosing a clear drape for the c-section. My immediate gut reaction was a dramatic “absolutely not a chance in history would I ever even consider doing something like that” but I chose to keep those feelings inside and simply ask, “Well, what does that mean? What would Justin and I be able to see?”

You know, like a normal, rational person would.

For backstory, this idea came up at the little baby shower my friends threw for me recently and one of my pregnant friends chimed in with the fact that she was for sure doing a clear drape. My friend Nicole also chose a clear drape with her last baby, but I was so closed off to the idea that I hadn’t even considered it!

When my doctor explained what actually happens when they use a clear drape, I actually got a little excited about the idea. If you’ve never had a c-section before, there is a drape hung up from right below your breasts to about 4 feet above you. It separates you from the procedure so you can’t see anything. In the past, when it’s time for Justin to enter the operating room, he comes and sits by my head on my same side of the drape. With a clear drape, they basically drop down the top half of the drape to allow you to see through right when the baby is coming out. It’s not during the whole process, it’s just at the end when they are getting the baby.

With David, my first, I remember having a hard time connecting the fact that this baby that my husband was holding was the same baby that came out of my pregnant belly. I didn’t see or feel him come out (which is clearly the goal of a c-section) and I remember being a little thrown off by not being aware of the end of my pregnancy. As someone who loves being pregnant, I was sad that it was over and I didn’t feel like I had prepared myself to not experience the end of it with a physical feeling or visual opportunity.

With my c-section for Luke, my doctor held him up really high so Justin could see over the drape and tell me it was a boy, and then she even popped his head over the curtain really quick so I got a fast glance at him before he was whisked away to the warm room. It was one of the most fun and exciting times in my life.

So with this baby, and hearing what a clear drape would allow, I warmed up pretty fast to the idea of being able to SEE the baby taken out from my body. And the doctor would be holding this baby up enough that I could see through the clear part of the drape while the nurses are cutting the cord and tying that off. I’ve never been able to see that happen with my babies! Justin and I would be able to see at the same time whether it’s a boy or a girl, and I love that idea as well.

I figured he would need some serious convincing of this idea as a pretty queasy person, but he actually was open-minded about it. More than I was, in fact. He noted that it would be different to find out the sex of the baby together instead of him getting to tell me and I was sensitive about that because I’ve always said that was the best part of Luke’s birth. He wanted to recreate that, for him and for me, so this clear drape idea was changing the plan a little bit. At this point, we’re on the same page about doing the clear drape, and I’m actually not super confident I’m going to be able to see well while laying down wearing my glasses so I’ll still charge him with the job of saying the baby’s sex out loud to me!

If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’d be open to doing a clear drape, I would have said “NO WAY,” but after learning what it means, I can’t wait!

I’ve written about my c-sections here and here if you are pregnant and have one scheduled or would like to hear about the experience in case you have to have an emergency c-section. 


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.08.18

I had no idea what a clear drape was before reading this post. Thanks for enlightening me! I hope everything goes smoothly! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allison says · 05.08.18

For a moment I thought you were going to tell us if you were having a boy or a girl! But this sounds really neat, how exciting! Babies are so fun 🙂

Shannon says · 05.08.18

Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl! This sounds like such a neat experience. Will be praying for a safe delivery!

Allie says · 05.08.18

I can’t imagine how excited you must be getting! Congratulations on finding something that makes you feel even more excited and connected. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers these last few weeks,

Carol says · 05.08.18

I love this! My babes were C-Section and I didn’t see anything! God Bless you and your precious baby!

Kassie says · 05.08.18

I just had the clear drape a couple weeks ago with my second c-section and it was amazing. They didn’t drop to the clear drape until they were about to pull her out and then they laid my daughter on the clear drape for me to hold. Best wishes to you on your delivery!

Kelli says · 05.08.18

I had a clear drape and don’t remember seeing too much…..there was an obvious hump preventing me from seeing anything. I dont have anything to compare it to though, because I’ve only had one, so I’m interested to see what your comparison is once the baby arrives. (I also thought for some reason there would be splatters of blood but I dont remember that being an issue either) I do remember not being able to cry (anesthesia maybe?) I’m so excited for you all and can’t wait til the baby gets here!!!

Robin Baker says · 05.08.18

I had a floor mirror for my second two c-sections. It was incredible to watch.

Emma says · 05.08.18

Oh my gosh! Do it. Three weeks ago I had a c-section with my first babe & while the drake would’ve freaked me out, looking back I think it would be pretty amazing. Also, YES!! All kinds of yes to how you described your David pregnancy ending. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it & you just nailed it.
Wishing you all the best. Can’t wait to hear the news.

Tiffany A says · 05.08.18

I had a clear drape for part of my c-section. The whole thing was bizarre for me. It was my first baby and my doctor decided to take her 2.5 weeks early due to loss of fluid. It’s so weird to lay there wide awake knowing you are being cut open and not feeling a thing. My doctor used the clear part to hold up my daughter and show my husband and me what she was. She made sure no one in the room revealed the gender before we found out for ourselves. It was such a sweet and surreal moment. Because of the angle I couldn’t see anything until the Dr held my daughter up close to the clear drape. Although I didn’t try to see anything else, because I did NOT want to see that mess! Haha

I pray this birth goes exactly like you want, whether you decide to use the clear drape or not.

Christina says · 05.08.18

Morning Kate .. for some reason you were heavy on my heart and mind this morning. SO much so that I thought maybe you were in labor!! Praying for a healthy delivery and baby:) I was too stressed for both of my c-sections that a clear drape would not have been useful, but happy to hear that you and Justin will be able to share that gender reveal moment at the same time — how incredibly special!!

Kelly says · 05.08.18

Good luck Today!!! Cannot wait to meet the little Prince or Princess.

Alexis says · 05.08.18

I did a clear drape with my twins this last June, and I am so glad we did! I had loved my unmediated delivery with my first and had a tough time wrapping my mind around doing a Csection. I felt much more connected and present with what was happening and their arrivals than I think I would’ve otherwise! It was still sort of abrupt compared to my first delivery experience, but so thankful we had the option for a clear drape! Loved seeing their sweet bodies as they came out!

Susan Schnitzler says · 05.08.18

Sounds like a neat idea. I knew what I was having with both my boys, but would have appreciated that moment they were born if I could have witnessed it immediately. This is a wonderful option…I cannot wait to hear your decision!

Amy B says · 05.08.18

Congratulations! Praying for a lovely birth day and days ahead! This may even be more exciting than when Daniel Tiger’s 🐯 Baby was born! 😂

Kady says · 05.08.18

I wish I had known a clear drape was an option for my section! I think I would have loved that but I also REALLY loved that my husband was able to tell me that he was a boy! That was incredibly special. And it’s funny, I felt the same way about the “missed” ending to my pregnancy and I couldn’t figure out how to explain it, but you just did, perfectly!

So excited to find out what you’re having! Best of luck for a safe and happy delivery!

Karan says · 05.08.18

I had a clear drape with my 2nd. It was the best decision ever. It made such a huge difference in my birth experience. My son even started nursing right there on the OR table. The immediate bonding and snuggles were priceless! Good luck and blessings to your sweet family!

Angela Lomax says · 05.08.18

I’ve never heard of that. But I’m in the UK maybe we don’t do it here, my Daughter in law had twins & had a c section. She knew she was having a boy & a girl. Not long before this pregnancy they had lost a baby. (She already had three children from other relationships) So it was a shock about the twins, And we had taken them to the appointment. Should have seen their on their faces when they came out after the scan. I’m so excited for you. Sounds like it will make you feel much more than just the mum led on the table, I can’t imagine how much more exciting it will be. One of our Grandchildren was led flat a cos the top, (Amelia) that’s her all over she sleeps like that now, and the boy was very active again ( thats ) Alfienow, he’s a fidget. Love to you all xxx

Erinn says · 05.08.18

This is the coolest thing ever! I had no idea clear drapes were even a thing! I’m not sure I would opt to use a clear drape…I can definitely be squeamish and my husband is WAY worse than me!
How exciting.

Hannah says · 05.08.18

I am so excited for you and your family! I think the clear drape sounds so cool but I would be afraid my husband would hit the floor. Haha! Can’t wait to hear the good news about it being a boy or girl! Hoping for a smooth delivery and keeping you and yours in my thoughts!

Charlotte says · 05.08.18

I feel very lucky that I was able to give birth vaginally all 3 times as I can clearly imagine how disconnected you can feel as a mom during a C – section. My sister needed a C-sektion for her eldest and she was ill for 24 hours from the anesthesia, so she can’t remember the first 24 hours of her daughters life.
This clear drape sounds like a good solution for feeling more involved during a C-sektion. Hope it goes well and you will be happy with the process.

Angela P. says · 05.08.18

Happy delivery day!!! Hope things have goon smoothly and y’all are doing well! I am excited to hear if y’all had a baby boy or a baby girl and what their name is!

Elizabeth says · 05.08.18

Make sure you ask if you can do skin go skin with the baby in the operating room if you would like to! Most hospitals in this area allow it!

Linda says · 05.08.18

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby (just saw the announcement on your Instastories)!!! Can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl! Enjoy these precious first moments with your sweet baby!

Lori says · 05.08.18

I am having my 4th c/s on 5/18 and this will be the first time the clear drape is available and I’m very much looking forward to it, although hubby is less convinced. Having c-sections after expecting natural unmedicated deliveries always left me feeling so disconnected from the birth of my babies, I’m hoping that this experience will fill that sense of connection to the experience for my last baby! Good luck with your upcoming delivery!

Kim says · 05.08.18

Girl you are brave! But I bet that will be SO WORTH IT!


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Irma says · 05.08.18

Can’t wait to “meet” the newest addition. Glad to know all went well and both of you are doing great. 💙💜❤️

Megan P says · 05.08.18

Thank you for sharing this! Where did you get this white shirt? I’ve had a hard time finding a white maternity shirt that isn’t sheer.

Eva says · 05.08.18

Such an interesting discussion! I had no idea there were options like that, and I’m sorry you had that weird disconnect. Always something to think about!

Eva | http://www.shessobright.com

Pam says · 05.08.18

I would have loved to have had that option back when I had 3 c sections. I wish you and your hubby all the best!!

Erin Schwartz says · 05.08.18

I had a clear drape with my daughter 6 years ago. It was incredible to see her be born, and I was lucky enough to have a doctor and nurses who strongly believed in skin to skin contact, so I held my baby on my chest, right in the operating room, when she was seconds old. My son was an emergency c-section 10 years ago, and although I went through labor first, I didn’t feel a conclusion to pregnancy. Plus, I didn’t see him be born, and he was whisked away immediately after they presented him to me, and I saw him an hour later. I am currently pregnant with twins, and although I am hoping to attempt a vbac, if I have another c-section, I will most definitely request a clear drape!

Kelly Warner says · 05.09.18

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Happy Mother!

Dorian says · 12.10.20

Sounds like a legend story! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra says · 06.30.21

Children are God’s best gift to us! I love them very much.