The $10 Eyeshadow Palette You Need

My favorite products for huge, volumized hair

It’s not often that a drugstore product will stop me dead in my tracks, but I was walking past the ELF cosmetics section in Target and saw a palette that looked very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It was a bit bigger, but the color selection looked perfect.

Perfect, I tell you.

And the thing about eyeshadow palettes is that it can be hard to find the right tone or range of colors to make the entire palette worth the cost.

Most recently, I’ve been loving the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette (it’s absolutely beautiful with great shade options), but if you are looking for something on a budget, don’t pass up on this ELF cosmetics one!

I bought the Smoky palette and Nude Mood. I used my all-time favorite eyeshadow primer, MAC’s Paintpot in Soft Ochre, but I plan to try it with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion soon too. The shadows aren’t quite as buttery and soft as the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette shadows, but they are pigmented and go on really nicely. I was curious if they were going to blend well and they did!

The Nude Mood palette is all matte, while the Smoky palette has a few shimmer options. I wish there were some shimmer options in the nude palette, but they are really pretty similar in shade range, with the Nude Mood being a bit warmer.

My lipcolor is $8.00 and worth looking into as well. The shade is “Oui!”

Yay for budget beauty that delivers!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.12.18

I’ve been hearing about this palette a lot! It sounds really good, and budget-friendly as well! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Judy says · 04.12.18

You just need to click on the bold print. It’s a link to The product.

Stacie says · 04.12.18

Who makes the lipstick??

Allie says · 04.12.18

What a great deal on a palette! I can’t wait to add all the Sephora items you recommend to my cart when the annual Spring coupon lands! I heard it will be next week! xAllie

Maria says · 04.12.18

Hello Kate! Thanks for sharing, I just saw this palette too, and now Will definitely give it a try! Have really, for the most part liked ELF products for the price! Will you be reviewing any other drugstore brands or dupes? I’ve been curious about a more medium to full cover tinted moisturizer or not as heavy foundation for summer days to through in my gym and or pool bag when I don’t want to take my more expensive stuff.

Karen says · 04.12.18

I’m always looking for budget-friendly beauty products that still deliver great results . Can’t wait to try this!

katie says · 04.12.18

which palette from elf did you use in the picture? a mix of both? also which colors did you use? thanks buying this palette as soon as i hear back.

Michele at Everyday Snapshot says · 04.12.18

YAY ! I love hearing about affordable drugstore products !!! Woot Woot, thanks !!!

Karen Branscum says · 04.12.18

I use Elf eyeshadow because it is long lasting color! I to like the nudes & these are good variations!

Andrea says · 04.12.18

You look great with these shadows! What foundation did you use?

Dani says · 04.12.18

Thank you so much for this blog post. I have this palette that I purchased on a whim. This morning I was so close to pitching it because I just haven’t used it. Something told me to give it another try and I really like how it looked. I also got that lipstick after you commented on it on one of your blog posts. My favorite go to lip stick now.

Sarah says · 04.12.18

Honestly have to say, awesome that you tried ELF products on here. Personally I love most of their products and they aren’t bad on the wallet either

Kim says · 04.12.18

I’m a huge fan of elf but haven’t tried this yet! Thanks for the great review!

Kim .. beach vacation ESSENTIALS under $100!

Alisha says · 04.13.18

I have heard so many good things about this pallet, need to definitely give it a try!

Alisha xx |

Shawn says · 04.13.18

Kate you look R A D I A N T in this photo! Is this by chance the ASOS maternity t-shirt in black? I’m 35 weeks and debating buying the 3 pack. What size did you get? I’m normally a 4. Thanks! I’ve been LOVING your maternity recommendations because I think we’re due about the same time 🙂

Kathy says · 04.13.18

I really need help finding an under eye cover up !! I have dark circles under and above my eyes and I am 59 years old!! I have tried Limelight which is just okay… please advise!!

Emily says · 04.13.18

Love that lip color! I need to go pick it up. 🙂

Amy Elledge says · 04.13.18

The link for the Nude Mood one looks different than the one you have in the picture. Is there another nude one?

Jenn says · 04.15.18

I too like this palette, but thought the light beige and pink could be a bit more pigmented. However for the price I’ll take it!

Jenn says · 04.15.18

Also Kate, FYI, the MAC primer link goes to an eyeshadow…

Toni says · 04.16.18

I completely agree. I’ve just recently purchased the Nude Mood palette and also their newly released Jewel Pop. The quality is so good for the price.


Beth Mann says · 04.16.18

This lip color, Oui….is my favorite lip color to wear….what brand is this one??

Kate says · 04.16.18

It’s Sephora brand!

Shannon says · 04.22.18

Could you do some tutorials on the shadows you pair with these two palettes..i just picked both up and i am still learning about how to apply eyeshadow correctly…the palettes do look great..thanks for the rcommendations.

Kristin says · 04.28.18

Yes, Kate!! Please do a tutorial with the elf shadows!!!

Lauren says · 05.03.18

I agree! I love this eyeshadow and it is a need!

Iamtheirmom😊 says · 02.25.19

Thanks for test a range of products and mixing both drugstore and higher end. You are a go to blog for research on what works and not. Thanks