Maternity and Family Photos

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I love being pregnant! I feel like I’ve said this so many times, but it’s true. The first trimester is hard, especially this third time around, but in general I love the whole experience.

I love watching my bump grow, feeling the baby move, knowing that I have the incredible joy of carrying a child, and waiting in eager anticipation to meet him or her on delivery day.

And I mean it when I say that I don’t take it for granted that this pregnancy, and my other two, have been easy and healthy. What a gift! I know too many women who struggle to get pregnant, stay pregnant, or have experienced tragedy after the baby is born. It’s unimaginable.

I’m so grateful for this season, and to get to experience this 3 times. I think 3 is “the number” for Justin and I, so I also had the mindset of savoring this pregnancy even more because I knew it was likely my last. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is just our mindset right now and we certainly aren’t making any permanent decisions about our family yet.

I cannot WAIT to discover if this baby is a boy or a girl. We were surprised with Luke on delivery day and I loved that whole experience, and I’m so glad we did that again for this baby!

I asked Jordan to shoot some family and maternity photos for us this spring, and I love the photos so much. It was a chilly and windy day in March, but I had no doubt that Jordan would be able to capture sweet images of the 4 of us.

Thank you Jordan Maunder for these photos!

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Allie says · 04.09.18

You have such a beautiful family! I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as your pregnancy comes to a close, and once again Congratulations on baby3! xAllie

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.09.18

Your family is so beautiful, you all look super happy! πŸ™‚
Can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender too! πŸ˜€

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie Dunavin says · 04.09.18

Where is Justin’s jacket from? Love the pics you guys look great!

Kate says · 04.09.18

pretty sure that is banana republic!

Allison says · 04.09.18

You look absolutely stunning momma! Links aren’t working for me?

Ashley Beth says · 04.09.18

These photos are delightful! What a treasure you have to remember this magical time in your lives. Waiting with eager anticipation to hear the happy news of this little one’s arrival. ❀️

Gwen says · 04.09.18

Precious photos, Kate. Best wishes to your family and the new babe. And, (I shouldn’t say this) but I’m secretly hoping it’s a girl because she will have the cutest hairstyles ever! 😁

Felicity says · 04.09.18

You have the most beautiful family! I love reading your posts, especially family related ones! I’m so excited for the third baby to come along!

Felicity |

Chris says · 04.09.18

Aww, Kate .. such gorgeous photos & such a lovely family!!!

Marianna Lucas says · 04.09.18

This pictures are STUNNING. wow. what a beautiful family!

Kelly says · 04.09.18

Oh my gosh. These could not be any cuter or better. You have the sweetest family Kate. I have been following you from pretty much the beginning and it is so amazing to see you grow as a woman and wife, and now as a mother. I cannot wait for you to introduce your newest baby to the world. One thing I know for sure is that he/she will be welcomed into one of the most loving and special families I have seen in a long time. Just look at the way you smile, Justin looks at you and how the boys are smiling. Your family is the greatest reflection of you. The reflection is awesome.

Loved the pizza wars too! You and Justin are hilarious.

Roseanna lewis says · 04.09.18

So beautiful!!

Erika says · 04.09.18

Beautiful!! You will treasure these forever! And so will your children ❀

Emily M. says · 04.09.18

You have such a beautiful family! β™₯

Marie says · 04.09.18

Gorgeous family and beautiful pictures! πŸ™‚

Marah Leinbaugh says · 04.09.18

Wonderful pictures. Your hair looks amazing!! Congratulations on your coming bundle of joy! I share your sentiments on being pregnant! We have three girls, 6, 3, and 2. I’ll be excited to see if you are gonna make it three boys, or have a little girl which will be so fun for you too! Blessings!

Katherine says · 04.09.18

You have the sweetest family! Both of those boys are absolutely precious and I know this next baby will be as well. (I am secretly hoping for a baby girl because I would love to see some cute girl stuff!)

Lisa says · 04.09.18

So sweet- thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best and sending prayers to you today and on delivery day.

Bethany says · 04.09.18

What beautiful photos! So happy for you and your family!

Eva says · 04.09.18

Such a beautiful and happy day! Congratulations again!

Eva |

Aryn says · 04.09.18

I LOVE your personal posts! Your family is lovely and I have so enjoyed being a reader for several years. Blessings to your sweet family!

alisha says · 04.09.18

Pictures are absolutely stunning!

Alisha xx |

Kate says · 04.09.18


Emily K says · 04.09.18

You look stunning!

Sindy says · 04.09.18

Looks like a boy bump!!!!!

Sandra says · 04.10.18

AMAZING photos! <3

Amy says · 04.10.18

You have such a beautiful family! These pictures are so precious. I cannot wait to find out the gender of the baby! I think we all are on pins and needles with you. πŸ™‚ God bless you all!

Erinn says · 04.10.18

These pictures are gorgeous!! You are absolutely glowing.

Kara says · 04.10.18

I’m so excited for you Kate! I can’t wait to see if the baby is a boy or a girl! Enjoy them all! On a different note, you mentioned recently that you still receive Trunk Club boxes from time to time. The posts showing what your box included are some of my favorites. I would really enjoy seeing more of those.

Sara says · 04.10.18

Where are your rings from? Your family is beautiful!

Alison says · 04.12.18

Really sweet pictures!

Kim says · 04.15.18

Just beautiful !!!

Belinda D Green says · 04.18.18

Beautiful Family Sweetie and enjoyed your post. Best to you on new baby. B

Laurie Morrow says · 04.30.18

Beautiful family! Good luck with the new baby!

Cyndi says · 04.30.18

Beautiful family!